Ten photos called Happiness

Ten photos called Happiness

We always complain that the pressure of life is too great. Work, family, money and even love, which should have been the happiness of life, have become shackles on our backs. I am used to living expressionless life and making my heart hard. I even forgot that there is another thing in this world called happiness. In fact, happiness is very simple. If you are not so hurried, if you look at it with love, if you are tolerant enough, happiness is really close to us……

First: love


People indulged in love are happy.
The long road of life, with your company and support, is enough……

The second one: Still love


Some people say that love is a cup of tea, and it will fade after a long time.
I said love is more like a pot, the longer the time is, the more interesting it will be……

Third: maternal love


If the whole world abandons you, at least there are mothers who will not give up you.
I still remember that my mother’s embrace was my most beautiful paradise when I was a child……

Fourth: Pure


Only children can have such smiles and happiness……

Fifth: hope


Elders meticulous love
I just hope that the next generation or generations can “live better than me!”

Sixth Zhang: Share


Regional different,
Religious beliefs
But under the same blue sky
There are a lot of things that everyone has been sharing
For example, air 🙂

Seventh: Natural


Seeing this photo, I felt a strange touch, thinking of the scene of getting wet in the rain when I was young……

Eighth Zhang: Wild Flowers


Yes, happiness is a wild flower, showing beauty with your own life, this is happiness……

Ninth Zhang: knowledge


This is an old photo. I felt sad when I first saw it. Gradually, I found the power of knowledge,
The shabby classroom, covered with pudding clothes, could not cover the desire for knowledge in my heart,
Compared with those urban children who have headache when they sit in the classroom, he is happy.

Tenth Zhang: Children


They are elves falling into the mortal world, and that smile can make people forget their troubles……

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