Beauty and hindrances

An American behavioral psychologist did an experiment in which two groups of men and women were asked to answer intelligence questions in swimsuits. Men’s scores were generally normal, while women were greatly disqualified, that is, it is generally lower than the Test level when they wear regular clothes.
Psychologist’s conclusion is that the more beautiful the more stupid.
This experiment has multiple purposes, such as the relationship between the degree of clothing exposure and IQ performance. According to the test report, most of the tested women focused on the effect of swimsuits, considering whether they were beautiful or not, which made them incoherent.
Many people at home and abroad are studying the relationship between beauty and stupidity. Although there are different opinions, they seldom come to the conclusion that the more beautiful the smarter.
And what I care about is another problem, that is, the relationship between situation and self-confidence. I think the reason why swimsuit girls become foolish lies in self-esteem, which can also be called anxiety. Although from the perspective of men, it is always pleasant for women to show swimsuits. The reason that makes them happy is not complicated, that is, they wear less. For example, Lin Yutang said: The article is like a woman’s skirt, the shorter the better. While women wear swimsuits-if not in the swimming pool-most of them have anxiety, such as whether the legs are too thick, whether the chest is too flat, etc. A female dancer said that she would never wear swimsuits because it was too flat. When a person’s own set defects, such as thick legs, are suddenly exposed under long-term concealment. The so-called intelligence has to decline. It can be seen that the more beautiful the more stupid, the more anxious the more stupid. To a large extent, human intelligence is the ability to concentrate, and association and judgment all depend on it. Can a woman concentrate in public in a swimsuit? It can be seen that it is not easy for women swimming players to achieve good results in the competition. It only takes about 500 years for human beings to go from naked to dressed. In the evolution of about years, the shame on the body has been deeply rooted. If people wear nothing, they answer questions in front of the opposite sex, such as whether bats are birds or animals. I don’t know the conclusion. Of course, there is no such test, and such test is also unnecessary. However, people only put on some clothes, such as swimsuits, and their brains start to grow up, which proves that “selflessness” is really a difficult thing.
From the perspective of psychology, “selflessness” is the state of children’s games. Things and me are forgotten and integrated. People are the smartest at this moment. To what extent can children admire their selflessness? When they shit, they will devote themselves to observing an insect and even forget what they are doing. Lao Tzu called this state “pure heart”. With this heart, nothing can’t be done well. What is opposite to selflessness is “a problem”. People’s life is always hindered by various things. Thick legs are just one of them. Jackson was disturbed by his skin color, bleaching or peeling. Someone is affected by gender. Use surgery to create another reproductive system. This is a kind of anxiety that is not important, but can’t be forgotten by the parties.
The prescription to cure “the problem” is the “common heart” said by Gu Xian “. Normal Heart is now abused. If a corrupt official is dismissed, he will also laugh at himself with “common heart. He thought that he couldn’t eat, drink, go whoring and gamble, and it was normal to live an ordinary life like ordinary people. Normal heart is far from being able to explain one or two sentences clearly, but at least it lies in forgetting one’s own background, defects, glory and other attachments, which are no different from others and have empty hands. This is the method and realm to get rid of anxiety. Such a person is peaceful and not annoying. Another advantage is that you can be the first in the swimsuit exam.

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