Let the heart not defective

In ancient times, there was a tailor who went out to visit friends for a few days. After returning, the Buddy presented an order with a satin Mandarin coat. The tailor did not dare to neglect it. He sewed it carefully and finished it. When the customer came to pick up the clothes, the tailor was stunned, because the customer didn’t have arms unexpectedly. The tailor joked, “If I had known you were like this, I wouldn’t have gotten those two sleeves, so I could save some fabric. But the customer said: I don’t have arms, shouldn’t I wear a complete dress? Tailor speechless.

There was a girl whose leg was broken in a car accident, but she was lame after being cured. She was not willing to go to the streets for fear that others would laugh at her for not being good-looking when walking. One day, she had to walk on the road because of something. She felt that her appearance was so ugly that she felt a little ashamed. She stopped and stood at the corner of the street in dejection. Suddenly, a special person passed in front of her. This person had a prosthetic leg, most of which was made of steel pipe, forming a sharp contrast with that good leg, however, he wore a pair of shorts and made no secret of his disability. His face was full of sunshine and youth. At that moment, the girl was deeply moved. The power of self-confidence rose from her body. She stepped away and unexpectedly stumbled unconsciously.

There was a blind man sitting beside the bus station and holding a handful of erhu all day long. From time to time, someone went to the plate in front of him and threw 1.0 of money. One day, a couple came to the blind. His wife took out a few yuan to put it on the plate, which was stopped by her husband. He didn’t put down the money until he finished a song. The wife asked her husband, why not just give him the money directly? Why did he stand for a long time? The husband said: When the music rings, he is a famous actor, not a beggar. We should respect his performance.

No matter what kind of disability, it is a cruel reality that people are unwilling to accept but cannot change. The reality can not be changed, but the mood can be created, the body can be disabled, but the will can not be lost. Incomplete is just a superficial appearance, which can not replace the true enrichment of the inner heart. Many stories of physical disability and determination prove this point. Therefore, in the face of the disabled, you can show mercy and help, but you can never laugh at them. If you despise disability, then your soul will lack something. What you lack is righteousness and universal love.

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