11 kinds of people worthy of deep friendship

Eleven kinds of boys worthy of deep friendship

First, he knows how to respect you. He loves you more than Demands. He has his own opinion on himself, but he doesn’t have his own opinion on you. He respects all kinds of life choices you make and encourages you to develop your expertise. An important criterion of a good man in modern times is to respect all women, including those who have only one side.

Secondly, his pursuit is sincere. He doesn’t belong to the opposite sex type you like very much, but he pursues you sincerely. Moreover, the type you like, no matter how many contacts you have, is an example of failure. They have the advantages of your ex-boyfriend, but they don’t have the disadvantages of your ex-boyfriend either, and many people don’t have the advantages he has.

Third, you are familiar with his caring and caring for you. Although there is no heartbeat feeling of love, it does care about you more than anyone else. In your troubles, he will always stand on your side and listen patiently to your bitter water; He remembers the name of your friend you mentioned; When you are thirsty, he gently delivers fragrant tea …… these all convey the message that he really likes you silently.

Fourth, your family and friends appreciate that his elders read countless people through the wind and rain, and their eyes are naturally more poisonous than yours. You are very picky about him, but he can win the appreciation of your friends and family. He knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and give people a sense of security. In terms of personality, he is not a very changeable person, which won’t make people feel difficult to grasp and get along with each other.

Fifth, he asks a lot of things that are good for you. He asks a lot of things for you, but they are all reasonable and reasonable. And these requirements are good or bad for you. Such a boyfriend really loves you.

Sixth, he was broad-minded, tolerant and tolerant, which made the two argue. Usually he gave in first. He knows how to express himself and listens to you patiently. If you are right, he can admit his mistakes; Even if you are wrong, he is willing to forgive you. If you have something to say, you will not easily pull down your face and give you a violent expression. I won’t lose my temper or anger for a little thing, and I will abuse myself.

7. He likes small animals. People like him usually have a lovely heart. You can know how he treats people from the way he treats pets. Men who love animals will certainly take good care of their families and partners. However, a man who can kick and beat stray cats and dogs on the road has a tyrannical nature.

VIII. He has his own hobbies. Men who have sports habits and some kind of sports hobbies are easier to find the exit of emotions and will not torture you without looking for trouble, when you are with a passionate man, life will be full of fun. A person who can find his hobbies in life will certainly give people a feeling of vitality.

9. He has no complaints or regrets about feelings how many times a man is destined to fall in love in his life. He gains experience in constant practice to improve himself. The definition of “single-minded” is not that he can only love one person all his life, but that he devotes himself to each person he loves. If he ever had an unforgettable emotional experience and paid for it sincerely, then at least he could prove that he was a man with deep feelings and daring to promise. A man who is willing to share part of the responsibility for the emotional breakdown.

Ten. It is safe to confide to him. He can communicate with you openly. He knows how to listen and when to speak and when to shut up. You will not be afraid to express to him. When you share your feelings and thoughts with him, you will feel safe. The foundation of good communication is trust. In front of him, you are sure that you will not suffer ridicule or harm because of expressing deep thoughts in your heart. This is called sense of security.

11. He will not ignore you because of his friends. He has a normal social circle, good friends who trust each other, and also values them, but he will not leave you aside for his friends. He can think and act independently, not only from friends. Moreover, he can clearly grasp the boundary between his girlfriend and his opposite sex friend without asking you to mention your face.

Eleven kinds of girls worthy of deep friendship

1. She really wants to accompany you, even on the Internet, she doesn’t say a word. When you are happy, she really wants to see you smiling around you. When you are lost, she will comfort you next to you for the first time. She wants to break her head and help you. If you stay up late, her QQ or msn will be on with you. If you go offline, log in again, and her avatar will be dark. You know? She stayed up so late just waiting for you.

2. Be sensible and know when to act spoiled and when to cherish you like a child. If you were a student, she wouldn’t ask you to go shopping with her in class willfully, and wouldn’t let you buy luxuries without financial resources. If you have already worked, she won’t complain that you forgot to call him or ask you to say sweet words when you are worried about your work. Even if you are in a bad mood, she will hold you gently, always stand on your side.

3. Don’t let go of any information related to you, and integrate into your life circle and friends circle. Get to know your friends, link the pages of friends who leave messages in your space, watch your favorite movies and books, go to your favorite restaurants, visit your favorite brand stores, even clumsy imitation of the opposite sex type you appreciate. She is not not good enough, but wants to be better, more suitable for you, and easier to get your recognition and praise.

4. She will never ridicule your shortcomings in front of your colleagues, classmates, family and friends, even if it is just a joke. She may think it is wrong for you to do this or that, but she will give you the face you need, help you make a round, help you find the steps, only show happiness, only say your good.

5. She needs your shoulder, but she will never rely on you for everything. She is very weak in front of you and often needs you to control the situation. It’s not that she is stupid, but that she likes to play dumb in front of you and be taken care of by you. But she won’t stick to you and treat you as a nanny. She can be alone when she should be independent.

6. She won’t always ask you to give in first. Boys should understand tolerance and accommodation, not because she is a woman, but because you are a man. But she would never wait for you to apologize to her from beginning to end because of being spoiled. Instead, she would be very careful to play coquetry with you and ask for your forgiveness.

7. There are almost no typos or ambiguities in the text messages she sends to you. She attaches great importance to all the details when she is with you, and even confirms the words, tone and even expression several times before sending the message.

8. She will dress up beautifully but not coquettish when gathering with your friends. She will only wear hot clothes in front of you occasionally. She will always treat you differently from other boys instead of showing beauty to everyone like a peacock.

9. Seeing women around you, she will be jealous. Those women are very good, and she is more likely to be jealous, but she will not be unreasonable and ask for punishment. She cares about you, cares about you, and wants to catch you. As long as you are willing to be patient, don’t be stingy to make her feel at ease. What she needs is just a word that others can’t hear and only she can hear.

10. She may have many opposite sex friends and pursuers, but she will tell them clearly that she likes you and will not compare the advantages of these people with you. She will tell you from time to time who wants to chase her. Seeing your nervous expression, she will add with satisfaction that I will only have you in my heart o(∩_∩)o… It’s not because she is bored, she needs to be valued.

11. She will look at you very seriously and attentively and listen to you. See your appearance clearly and remember your voice. She not only loves you, but also appreciates you. Treat you as an idol, lover, brother, child, father.

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