Made Heart

Bees can make nests. Ants can build ant nests. People can build houses, machines, beautiful artworks and beautiful songs. However, for our most important and precious thing-our own heart, who is its builder?

Peacock’s gorgeous feathers are naturally created by nature. The Poplar stabbed straight to Biyu, which was created by dense groups and lofty Sunshine. The fragrant flowers and plants and the colorful fallen England are created by the instinct of plants to attract the offspring of the opposite sex. The outstanding and tenacious character is created by the excellence of imparting and the experience of life.

Our hearts are shaped by our own hands unconsciously for a long time.

You must have materials before creating your heart. Some hearts are made of steel, which is extremely dark. Some hearts are made of ice and snow, which are noble and cold. Some hearts are made of silk, smooth and elegant. Some hearts are made of glass, crystal, crisp and thin. Some hearts are made of bamboo, sharp and prickly. Some hearts are made of wood, stable and numb. Some hearts are made of red soil, rough and simple. Some hearts are made of Coptis chinensis, suffering. Some hearts are made of rubbish, and their faces are disgusting. Some hearts are made of lies, which are full of holes. Some hearts are made of corpses, which are rotten to the sky. Some hearts are made of Cobra saliva, highly toxic and ferocious.

To create a heart, you need to have craftsmanship. A dexterous heart is sewn like a Golden Lotus bag. A can of simple heart is as thick as a hundred years old wine. A smart heart, sensing the fast electro-optic stone fire. With a scrawled heart, the door can be left. A pool of messy hearts, lackluster and mess. A heart woven with thorns secretly set up traps everywhere. A half-delicate and half-careless heart is like a broken dike bitten by termites. The empty heart in an embroidered pillow is the smuggled goods in the fake and shoddy heart world.

It takes time to create a heart. Less is 1 minute 1 second, more is a lifetime. The wisdom and courage of a moment may not be exquisite. The long-term prudence may not be very delicate. Some people have completed a complete and solid heart in a small year. Some people, whose beard and hair are all white, still dig earth and pile in the foundation of their hearts. Some people give up halfway and throw their hearts of semi-finished products in the wilderness. Some people, hundreds of miles and a half, left the project that never ended. Some people have carved their lives carefully, and they are still polishing their hearts when they die. Some people have been crudely made for a lifetime. They have not traveled far away, and their hearts are already cold.

The frontier of the heart can be made very large. Like the gold foil with the best ductility, it lays the whole universe and covers the sun and the moon. No dark cloud can cover the vast territory of the soul. No earthquake or volcano can completely subvert the magnificent buildings of the soul. No storm can freeze the hot spring gushing from the deep heart. Without some kind of natural and man-made disasters, we can make the fields of our hearts disappear in autumn.

The scale of the heart may also be small, which can only accommodate one family, one person, one sesame and one drop of virus. A little rain drowned it. A wisp of wind shattered it. A rumor will make it miserable. A conspiracy is doomed.

The heart can be very hard, more than any metal known in the world. Heart can very soft, plaintive ru juan such as silk. Heart can be very tough, thousands of times of damage and grievance, still smooth as before. The heart can be very crisp, and if you don’t care, the fragrance will disappear immediately.

When creating a heart, you can pay much attention and design.

For example, burying a growing point of the soul, like a plant, has the magical function of automatic repair and self-maintenance. If the heart is hurt, it will step forward to guide the heart to recuperate and make the heart old as new in the shortest time.

For example, raise the lightning rod of the soul high so as to lead the destructive disaster into the ground in a critical moment and wait patiently for the rain to clear up.

For example, with the addition of shock-proof and explosion-proof performance, under the cruel blow of the soul in a short period of time and high intensity, the weight should be lifted lightly and the vitality and stability should be maintained calmly.


An excellent heart does not need to be gorgeous, but must be solid. Because there are too many squeezes and blows in life, which will meet the lonely soul in the dark night. If there were no elaborate and special design and simple heart, it would be easy to be hurt horizontally and never recover. Maybe it would be broken from now on and there would be no vitality any more. The mind without self-recovery ability is the door of defenses. There was a small wound, and the whole body was covered with blood. A star of gunpowder burned the continuous Castle.

The heart is the Sea of Blood, where everyone’s character, wisdom, energy and sentiment are gathered. The quality of the heart is the quality of people. Have a kind heart, love the world, love life, love yourself and everyone. Have a of self-improvement of heart, will study hard indomitable, chongrubujing being stupid. With a heart of dignity, we will cherish nature and treat everything well. With a heart full of flow and wings, I will take the imaginary shuttle and touch the shoulder of the moon.

Heart building is a difficult and long project, and the construction period may take a lifetime. It is usually the mother’s hand that leaves the fingerprint that never fades on the initial model of the soul. Therefore, parents all over the world should cherish this particularly solemn obligation and responsibility.

When I shape my heart with my hands, I must find a good example, design seriously, and never act rashly. Of course, failure is inevitable for Heart building, and it is also likely to be pushed down and started again. Don’t be discouraged, but don’t be too careless. Because the essence of the soul is a kind of slow and fine object, too much rubbing will destroy its spirituality and touch.

A good heart is like a good ship. When it sailed into the water, the Blue Sky was floating on its head and the seagulls were flying in front of it, which was a sacred moment. There will be Typhoons and huge waves. But a beautiful heart, even if the great ship sank, its particles would burn fearlessly and happily in the waves.

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