11 years of marriage (II)

Through this run-in period, we have learned to respect each other, care for each other and be modest, and our life is warm and happy.

Lovers are very accustomed to their daughters, throwing things casually and running to the bed bare feet from the ground. I think children should develop good living habits since childhood, and we have differences in educating children, but they just keep their own opinions.

In a flash, my daughter went to kindergarten-went to primary school. Besides going to work every day, the most important thing was her study. Her daughter went to school earlier than other children, which was the most unwise choice for us, therefore, it is very hard to learn. My daughter works hard but her grades are always unsatisfactory. Now my daughter is a fourth-grade student, so there is no need to pick up and transport her homework to school.

When my daughter grows up, she doesn’t need us any more. My lover and I spend most of our time watching TV, and our life is very plain. We quarreled occasionally, but most of them were shouting by me, and my lover kept silent. When I stopped, he smiled and said that he was happy. If you are angry, you should send it. Don’t hold it in your heart, I am angry and laughing. I often told him to have a longer temper and be like a man. Every time he smiled and said, “Am I a man?” Sometimes he often sat at the table alone and read books and ignored me. At that time, we felt that life was too peaceful. We really envied those couples who quarreled with each other. They made peace after a big quarrel, I often feel that my lover is getting farther and farther away from me. Does he stop loving me? I always think so, until one day I really understand the heart of my lover.

It was last August, and I had planned to wait for my daughter to go out for a holiday. But at that time, I got a disease, and my whole body was boring for several days, and my waist hurt. I went to the hospital for examination but failed. Later, I began to vomit and have a fever, and my waist hurt and rolled straight. My lover persuaded me to go to the hospital, but I didn’t insist. I was afraid that I would never come back to this House. He cried and begged me. Later he dragged me downstairs and sent me to the hospital, in the hospital, I told him everything, such as the passbook password, the child’s future life and treating my parents well, etc. I told him everything I thought of one by one.

My lover was very worried when he saw me like that. He always kept asking with the doctor. He didn’t leave me half a step those days. When I had a high fever, he kept wiping me with a towel until the fever subsided. He didn’t dare to sleep at night. He sat by the bed holding my hand and looking at me. He took my hand and went out for exercise to accompany me to talk and transfer the pain. Looking at him, I had confidence, I was stronger, gritted my teeth and kept exercising. When I couldn’t stand it, I had to beat “du-Leng-ding”. Later, I was afraid that Shangyin would insist on not beating. His lover is a person who works seriously and never delays his work because of family affairs, but this time he always says, “What kind of work does his wife take?” At that time, there was an idea breaking into my heart. In this life, who would love me like him?

The leader of the unit came to see me and said to me in front of his lover, “your Xiao Jiang is a good man and treats you very well. You should treat him well in the future!” At that time, I cried. That was tears of happiness and gratitude.

When I got home, I talked with my lover, but he still smiled with his teeth. Now the responsibility for 11 years of marriage has become a habit. The plain and real life makes me feel very happy! A husband who loves me and loves me, a lively and lovely daughter.

Every day, after dinner, my lover will accompany me for a walk. We will talk about his work, our life, relatives and friends as we walk.

There are many temptations in today’s society. In fact, I also like handsome guys. He will be tempted when he sees beautiful girls. I seriously said to my lover: “If one day you fall in love with someone, please tell me truthfully, as long as she gives you more happiness than I give you, I am willing to leave”. But I believe it’s yours and you can’t drive it away. It’s not yours. You can’t rob it either. I believe the beginning is me and the end is me, I firmly believe that I am the one who is old with him.

11 years of marriage (I)

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