How much do you understand about daily happy things?

When the flowers bloom, I have the mood to enjoy the flowers. — Leisure and leisure also need to be cultivated!

Melons and fruits are in season. People who like melons and fruits have good teeth and appetite. -Can eat is a blessing.

Feel the breeze of spring gently fondle the grass and leaves that sprouted at the beginning, and spread the immature fragrance to all directions. — Enjoy every moment of life.

In the hot summer, enjoy a heavy rain and the accompanying cool, fresh and green vegetation. -Happy-go-lucky.

Stop in front of the red leaves like fire in autumn, and experience the grandest splendor before withering. — The pleasure brought by natural scenery is the most precious gift of life.

Standing behind the warm window to enjoy the initial appearance of heavy snow: light, Misty, covering the earth, white and no one trampled. — I am going to clean it after I have cleaned it.

When drinking, the heart is coping, not the stomach. Just like burning incense, what is needed is just an atmosphere of incense, rather than taking the fragrance as oxygen, which is also the original intention of drinking wine when knowing what to drink. -Wine does not intoxicate. The true meaning is known from the heart.

You have a powerful rival in love, but you won without fighting. It seems that you are happier than buying expensive things with a large sum of money. This is one of the meanings of diamond cut or good value for money. — It is not that the enemy does not resist, but that our army is too cunning.

There is always a person who can be unrequited love in his life, and it is not the feeling that one day is gone like three autumns. The life of a fly in the ointment has a perfect sustenance, just like the believers who believe in Christ have a God. — It’s really good, sometimes I really need such a feeling, buried deep in my heart, no need to express.

At the end of the flower season, pick the last rose. For affectionate people, the last romance became the specimen in the most beautiful way. — Leave a wisp of fragrant soul, light fragrance, just.

Speaking speculation: some confusion is suddenly enlightened, just like the weeds in the nursery; Some feelings resonate everywhere, just like the flowers shining in the clear pool. -jiu feng jugate qian bei shao, huabutouji half sentence multi.

There was no premeditated chatting, but something actually beautiful came into being. It is like picking delicious mountain fruits in a wild tour. — Unexpected surprise.

A good disc, watch it alone once, and watch it with someone you like. -Bosom friend is hard to find.

Listen to an old song in the crowded or busy streets and recall your own worries alone. — I am lonely in the crowd, but I exist.

I met a person who liked the same brand in the crowd and got close to each other. I found that there were still many similarities and similarities. -Like-minded? Not necessarily, the idea is slightly similar.

One day, I suddenly found that I acquired the ability to get along well with the environment. For example, when I was a bridesmaid for my friend, you were the most outstanding woman besides the bride, if you don’t steal the limelight of your friends, you will be generous enough. Being a supporting role is also the best. You don’t feel wronged except being competent. — Then you can be human again.

Someone praises you behind your back, but you hear it unintentionally or someone tells you. -Chongrubujing, fate unintentional.

There is a hometown where we can go back, where there are old parents, old houses, which tree we climbed when we were young and partners who climbed the tree with us. — That is a feeling of extraordinary warmth. Don’t really do it, just let him stay there sweetly.

There are several friends, no matter how far or near the space is, what is the feeling between you: there is nothing to see each other, don’t come to often think of you. — A bosom friend in life is enough.

Spend a nostalgic afternoon with old friends without any hindrance. — A little bit of enjoyment is happiness.

After making some small contradictions, he reconciled with his old friends, and finally he didn’t lose what he couldn’t afford. — Life is too short to fight.

No matter what age you are, you have a forgetful friendship, which is when you feel young and elegant, you have a forgetful friendship older than you; When you feel old-fashioned, there is a young friend who is younger than you. — Fantastic.

Face the past with the least regret, the present with the least waste, and the future with the most dreams.

On the 30th anniversary of your parents’ wedding, you find that the city you live in is showing classic love movies across the board, and you have bought two movie tickets of luxury boxes as gifts for them. — I’m afraid I can only think about this.

Seeing the baby grow up every day, it constantly presents a new atmosphere, as if you have been standing in front of the rose, doubting that the flowers will bloom every time. — I can only say that life is a miracle.

On the most beautiful day you dress up, meet someone you care about in the street. -Natural.

Life is full of trading behaviors. When you buy, what you get can be said to be inexpensive; When you sell, what you provide can be said to be genuine. — Almost enough.

After 40 years old, when you walked into the hospital, you still couldn’t find a direction like the kindergarten on the first day. It was really a particularly happy thing that you were laughed at by the old patient and the doctor. -Rare confused.

In the final part of a thing that is about to be done, you are stuck. You happened to meet someone who has no friendship to help you. You didn’t know until you thanked him, you once gave him a favor by accident. Things are done, and the good fruits of good deeds taste sweet. — Both good and evil cause and effect are reported. I do not remember my kindness to others, but people do not remember my kindness to me.

The two cars were rear-ended, and the perpetrators got out of the car immediately to make an apology. However, the victim waved his hand with a smile, and the green light in front of him was so bright. In this world, some people are taking the initiative to bear their faults, while others are generous to forgive them. You are just a bystander. — How beautiful the world is, amen!

Wake up in the morning and remember the beautiful dream at night. It is really hard to have few dreams without losing them. — Dream, comfort your mind in reality.

Wake up in time after having a nightmare and find everything is not true. — Not bad, thank God.

See meteors falling or epiphyllum blooming. Things that don’t stay for a short time leave eternity for yourself, just because when it comes, you wait for it, or encounter it by chance. -Fate.

I woke up and found that I was late for work, but suddenly I remembered that it was the weekend. — Too happy, damn, continue to sleep for a hundred years.

When I feel quiet like a pool of mountains and rivers. — Calm down when moving.

Listening to Qi Qin’s singing “people can look up to it, and then they can be happy”, I also think what it is. — Don’t think too much about everything. It’s useless to think too much.

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