I have promise, yet to be achieved and a

My friend suddenly asked me this question: “What do you think is the best living condition of a person?” When my friend asked me this question, I was reading the poem of Robert Frost, the American poet laureate, and then I borrowed Robert Frost’s poem to answer my friend: “The forest is beautiful, dark and Deep, but I have a promise that remains to be fulfilled. You have to travel hundreds of miles before you can sleep.”

I always feel that such a poem is like a mineral deposit with endless magnificence, because it can make us “Awake”, we can always remember what kind of coordinates we are in, where we yearn for and how we should arrive. “I have a promise, which has yet to be realized.” It is an arrow-like life, which can guarantee that each of us will always be “on the road”!

Everyone needs to install a spring for himself, tighten it, and then “rush” forward without hesitation “! “Rush” is a power from the soul. The source of this power is our dream and the promise we make to the future sky. To put it bluntly, the promise is “running ahead”, that is, setting up a “cross” for yourself deep in your heart. With the heart of promise, it is like a seed planted in a field, waiting for its only touching Bloom, even if the flower is not big. It is just like an air-filled rubber ball, which can burst out amazing bounce force with a slap. A running heart has no distractions. Just like an arrow from the string, only the bull’s eye is its most desirable destination.

Several years ago, Wilde, a British writer, once said with infinite emotion: There are two tragedies in life, one is that he cannot get what he wants; The other is that he has got what he wants. Once this word came out, it aroused cheers and resonated with many people. However, if you read carefully, you will find that Wilde is talking about tragedy. It seems that cheering for tragedy is not our original intention. Therefore, between the two tragedies, “I have a promise, yet to be realized” became a comedy. Because it represents an excellent mental state. Neither had the helplessness of “waiting and watching” forever, nor abandoned the boredom of “holding in your hands to sweat.

Everyone has a fill-in question in his heart. Life has worked out a question for us and drawn a line for us to fill in. Getting this question proves that we have the qualification of “examination”, but it does not mean that we can do the right thing; If we do the right thing, the blank will be filled, maybe it will cause many people to breed pride, so we say that the process of thinking before filling in the blanks is the most beautiful!

The most beautiful state of a ship is not in the shipyard, nor in the harbor where it stops, but in the moment when the anchor is lifted, it is when it gallop in the terrifying waves with full power in the chest of the sea. Because, only then can the meaning of its life be expressed! When enjoying a concert, I am afraid that no one will like the anxiety before the opening, and few people will like the noise at the end. The audience’s interest rises and falls with the artist’s baton, no matter how gorgeous the opening light is, no matter how gorgeous the curtain is, it is not what they want. When watching a movie, the most striking plot is the tension of the protagonist in prison, rather than the relief of getting out of the mud.

My friend is a fan of Liu Xiang. I asked her why she likes Liu Xiang. Her idea is very simple, that is: Liu Xiang’s hurdle posture is very handsome! I asked back, isn’t Liu Xiang handsome in the posture of pressing the line and sprinting? My friend replied: Handsome is handsome, but at that time my heart was already in my stomach!

It seems that it is still a hanging heart, sometimes more beautiful!

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