Remind happiness

Remind happiness

提醒幸福We have been used to living in reminders since we were young. As soon as the weather was blowing, my mother said, don’t forget to wear more clothes. I just met a friend, and my father said, “be careful that he is a liar. You have achieved a little success, but you haven’t let happiness out yet. All the people who care about you say together, don’t be proud! When you are immersed in happiness, you keep saying to yourself, “never be too happy. Suffering may come soon……” We are used to living in reminders. The visible fear and invisible fear are always hovering over the head like crows.

In the night when the moon is bright, the reminder will come out and say to you: pay attention to the storm. So we ignored the bright moonlight and hurriedly prepared everything before the storm came. When we were waiting with our eyes wide open, the storm was like a flock of sheep returning late, wandering somewhere. When we can’t stand the suffering of waiting for disaster, we even maliciously pray for the early arrival of the storm.

The storm finally came. We are disappointed to find that the preparations we have made are mostly useless. After all, the risks that can be resisted in advance are limited, while the unpredictable disasters in the world are infinite. What defeated the disaster depended more on getting on the ground, and the previous anxiety couldn’t help.

When the tail of the storm finally went away, we guarded the messy home. We haven’t breathed out yet, and the new reminder started to sound wisely. We began to look forward to the future with fear again.

There are always disasters in life. In fact, most people have already learned how to be calm about disasters. We just haven’t learned how to be happy during disasters. We pay too much attention to our alertness and sufferings, and we neglect reminding happiness too much. Please pay attention to happiness from now on! Does happiness also need to be reminded?

Remind people to fall down…… Remind us to pay attention to the slippery road…… Remind me to be cheated…… Remind rongrubujing…… The philosophers reminded us 10,001 times, but did not remind us of happiness.

Maybe they think happiness can’t run away without reminding. Maybe they think that you will cherish the good things, which is not an earnest warning. Maybe they advocate blood and fire too much, and feel that happiness is not enough. They always stand on dangerous cliffs and guide us to escape from the sufferings of the future. But what is the time after avoiding suffering?

That is happiness!

You need to learn to enjoy happiness, and you need to be reminded when happiness is coming. People can naturally learn the pleasures of senses, but they can’t master the rhythm of happiness naturally. The pleasure of soul and the comfort of organs are like a pair of twin brothers, which sometimes depend on each other and sometimes go apart.

Happiness is a kind of vibration of the soul. It is like an ear that can listen to music and needs constant training.

In short, happiness is the moment without pain. The frequency of its appearance is not as small as we imagined.

People often just drove far away in the happy golden carriage, picked up the golden mane on the ground and said, “I have seen it before.

People like the specimen of aftertaste happiness, but ignore the moment when happiness is covered with dew to emit fragrance. At that time we often walking hurriedly, indecisive know in busy what.

There are typhoon prediction, Locust prediction, plague prediction and earthquake prediction in the world. No one predicts happiness. In fact, happiness is the same as everything in the world, with its signs.

Happiness is often hazy, spraying rain to us with restraint. Don’t always hope for vigorous happiness, it is mostly just quietly blowing on your face. Don’t try to make the tap bigger, so that happiness will be lost quickly. But we need to experience the true meaning of happiness quietly with peace.

Most happiness is simple. It will not shine red light in the high sky like a flare. It wrapped us kindly and warmly in its original coat.

Happiness does not like the noise and flashy, and often falls in darkness. A piece of cake that helps each other in poverty, a heartfelt expression in the center of adversity, a rough touch from father, a warm note from girlfriend…… This is a kind of happiness that is hard to buy. Like rubies on the old silk, they are more and more dazzling in the desolation.

Happiness sometimes plays a joke with us and comes in disguise. Opportunity, friendship, success, reunion……

They all look like happiness, but they are not equal to happiness. Happiness will borrow their dresses and come in a graceful manner. When they get close, they will find that it has a steel core after removing the curtain of the curtains. Sometimes happiness can be very short, not like suffering hanging over the sky. If the sufferings and happiness of life are divided into two ends of the scale, the sufferings are huge, and happiness may be just a small ore. But the pointer must lean to the side of happiness, because it has the gold of life.

Happiness has a trapezoid section, which can be enlarged or narrowed, depending on whether you cherish it or not.

We should raise our vigilance towards happiness and enjoy every minute passionately when it comes. According to the research of scientists, the result of intentional attention is much better than that of unintentional attention.

When spring comes, we should say to ourselves that this is spring! There will be fluffy green in my heart.

When we are happy, we must say to ourselves, please remember this moment! Happiness will accompany us for a long time. Then don’t we have more happiness!

Therefore, in the harvest season, don’t think about the possible disaster year first. We still have a long winter to consider this matter. We will dance and sing with our friends to render joy. Now that the seeds have returned sweat, we have the right to immerse ourselves in happiness. Don’t worry about the wind, Frost, rain and snow in the future. Let’s grind the wheat into flour first and bake a delicious bread.

Therefore, when we get together from the ends of the world, please don’t hesitate to leave after a moment. In the long years to come, there will be countless lonely nights to taste sadness alone. Every minute now makes it like pure alcohol, burning into a light blue flame of happiness without leaving a trace of dregs. Let’s toast together and say: we are happy.

Therefore, when we are waiting under the knees of old parents, even if they have gray hair, even if they are old, you must have the courage to say to yourself: I am very happy. Because the world is changeable, one day you will lose them and regret the time at this moment infinitely.

Happiness does not synchronize with wealth, status, prestige and marriage, it is just the feeling of your heart.

Therefore, when we have nothing, we can also say: I am very happy. Because we still have a healthy body. When we no longer enjoy health, those bravest people can still smile and say: I am very happy. Because I still have a healthy heart. Even when our hearts no longer exist, those most excellent human beings can still say loudly to the universe: I am very happy. Because I once lived.

Always remind yourself to pay attention to happiness, just like watching the sun in cold days, your heart will be warm and bright unconsciously.
(Text/Bi Shumin)

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