Yearning flatly light life

Yearning flatly light life

向往平平淡淡的生活Yearning for plain feelings, don’t be unforgettable, don’t be passionate. I hope to have an ordinary life and a plain life. As long as you are quietly accompanied by each other, there is tenderness lingering in the smiling eyes. Just like drinking a cup of tasteless plain boiled water, it can satisfy people’s demand for water. Embrace each other quietly, you can feel love flowing in your heart, and your heart will beat for it.

Looking forward to the light flowing clouds on the horizon, and the light blue on the horizon, envious of the elegance and agility of the clouds, like the blue seclusion, secretly hide the tide of mind in the bottom of my heart, go to the sky to find the blue serenity. There is nothing perfect in the world. Why bother others to disturb themselves? Just use a faint smile to resolve the melancholy in your heart.

I like to collect a piece of missing lightly, not for appreciation or showing off. Just for the touch in the bottom of my heart, the lingering tenderness. Let the light poignant beauty drift away with the light wind. Don’t think about right and wrong, right and wrong. Let the past go with the wind, let miss sleep.

I like the slight feeling of the quiet beauty of the night, the flowing rain, the free and easy wind and the lightness of the snow. The lightness at this time is a kind of artistic conception, not blurry and tasteless, but the lightness of human beings like chrysanthemum, the tranquility after worrying about the noise and disturbance, and the coolness of heart like water, just feel a world belonging to yourself. My heart is as pure as the sky after rain.

I like the light fragrance of flowers, and I can’t stand the strong smell of some flowers most. Like a woman with heavy makeup, it is vulgar and revealing a kind of domineering. That kind of elegant and plain fragrance is my favorite, which is like the taste of a very little woman. It is elegant and implicit, and reveals a wisp of fragrance from the beauty and vulgarity. Yes, it is my daughter’s fragrance! Light and soft is the connotation of a daughter’s home!

I like light colors, such as light purple, light pink, light blue and light green. There is a feeling that makes people feel pitiful and pitiful. I don’t like the color that is too flamboyant, just like a person’s personality, and I like the indifference without competition with the world. I like the hazy feeling, which is like a dream or not, and I feel shy when I want to complain.

I like slight appreciation, such happy or sad poems and articles, and those impassioned or eloquent words, which often make us forget where we are and indulge ourselves in the wind, flowers, snow and moon, when children grow up, they will be happy with their happiness and sad with their sadness, then they will gradually forget all their troubles.

Let this faint stay with me forever, regardless of the wind and rain outside. Regardless of the changes in the world. It is always such a peaceful and quiet life, doing things in peace and doing things in peace, being an ordinary person, not looking forward to the beauty and beauty, not expecting the beauty to capture others, giving life a little calm and a real life, give yourself gratitude and tolerance. In this way, maybe we can better understand the meaning and value of life!

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