Send grateful

American entrepreneur still has always been enthusiastic about philanthropy. For decades, he has not only been loved and respected by many sponsors, but also been awarded the title of philanthropist by the government. Every Christmas is the busiest time for Still’s mother. Still’s mother is Vita. On Christmas Day, vitiya almost started from getting up in the morning until having dinner in the evening. She kept receiving gifts from people. All things vitiya received were Turkey.

Because he was busy with company affairs and philanthropy at ordinary times, it was not easy for him to have free time to have a rest during the festival. Stil couldn’t help asking, “Mom, what are you doing? I sent the staff of the company to give those turkeys to the poor. Our family is not short of food. Why do you accept them?”

Mother Vitia ignored him and was still busy collecting gifts. She said from time to time, “Thank you very much. I’m worried that no one will buy turkey for me in the supermarket. Now it’s fine, with the Turkey sent by you, I and stil will have food tonight.” Finally, all the people were sent away, and Vitia turned around to talk to her son.

At this time, still was staring at the Turkey full of the house. Vita said, “Still, my good boy, I know you are a philanthropist, and their things are also given by you, but I am also a philanthropist, I also have to do something for them.” Still was even more puzzled: “Mom, how could there be a philanthropist like you who wants to return the things that his son gave to the poor? Aren’t you helping me?”

Vita said calmly, “No, son, what you said is wrong. I am a philanthropist and you are a philanthropist. What you send out is material, and what I send out is gratitude. Everyone has the desire to help others, even if he is a poor person. You sent out the material and got the gratitude; While I sent out the gratitude and got the material. We also helped others, didn’t we?”

Still finally understood his mother’s painstaking efforts. He thought his mother was a real philanthropist, and he was just a rich entrepreneur. Because a true philanthropist should not only know how to give materials to others, but also know how to give his own gratitude!
(Compilation/Shen Xiang)

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