Watering can-Liang Xiaosheng

In this northern city, at the foot of an old street, there was a small Russian-style house. He used to be beautiful, but now it is as old as a human.

There were several trees at the gate of the small house. The trees had been dead for many years, like a long arm stretching out from the bottom of the ground with short and thick “Five Fingers”. One of the “fingers” hung a string of shiny iron gourd. The wind blows and moves, making a pleasant sound.

The small house is a black and white blacksmith shop.

The shiny iron gourd is its symbol and also the advertisement of Blacksmith’s craft.

The blacksmith is nearly 50 years old, but he does not keep the lives of poor people. He still had an eager and understandable wish-before that Old Street was flattened, he could make up a sum of money to rent a slightly larger house in other streets, continue to support the family with blacksmith’s skills and live a living.

But he still has savings. If you want to rent a front room in this city, you don’t have to plan for it if you don’t have tens of thousands of yuan……

One day, an old man in his seventies appeared in front of his blacksmith’s shop.

“Old Man, what do you do?”


The old man is in a suit and leather shoes with silvery white hair and elegant temperament.

“How big is it?”

The old man measured the specifications he wanted silently by hand.

Looking at the back of the old man’s leaving, the blacksmith thought confusedly-why did he want me to make a white iron bucket for him? He saw the old man on a black car at the end of the street which was clearly waiting there……

A few days later, the old man came again.

The blacksmith pointed at the prepared bucket for the old to see.

Unexpectedly, the old man said, “it’s too small.”

“Is it too small?” The blacksmith was in a hurry. He emphasized that he was made according to the size measured by the old man’s hands at that time.

“It is small anyway.” The old man measured his hands around the barrel and said, “What I want is so big.”


“Don’t worry, the iron sheet you use costs working hours, and I will pay you together.”

The old man nodded to the second bucket when he came.

“Here, there must be a hole.”

“Why? Old man.”

“Don’t worry, just follow my requirements.”

The blacksmith learned a lesson and gave the old man a piece of white chalk. The old man drew a garden on the bucket and left without saying anything.

When the old man came for the fourth time, he “instructed” the blacksmith to make a handle, cover and spout for the bucket which had stabbed a hole. Then the blacksmith realized that what the old man wanted him to make was a big pot. He was puzzled in his heart. Was it enough to make it clear at the beginning? If you make it clear at the beginning, the hole can be dug out directly on the iron sheet, isn’t that much easier?

But he no longer asked anything. He thought it must be like this, for the old man, there must be a reason.

Blacksmith wrong. What the old man finally wanted him to do was not a big kettle, but a watering can.

After the watering can was made, the old man didn’t come for a long time, but there was a girl in her seventies who came for the old man once. She examined the big watering can carefully and clearly wanted to be picky, but the big watering can was indeed impeccable. Finally, the girl had to say two words-“not bad”.

“I still want to make nine identical ones, one is smaller than the other, will you do it?”

The blacksmith fixed his eyes on the girl’s face, as if he was recognizing his former acquaintances. He knew it was impolite to look at him like that, but he couldn’t help looking at him like that,

“Are you willing to do it or not?”

The girl did not avoid his eyes. On the contrary, she looked at his eyes, as if she was going to compete with him.

“Talk to me!”

The girl frowned and looked impatient.

“I…… Do. Of course I would……”

The blacksmith was at a loss for a moment……

“Take one year later, do you promise not to sell one to others?”

The girl’s tone was cold.

“I…… Commitment……”

When the blacksmith answered, it seemed that he lowered his head humbly and looked at somewhere……

“The money will not be paid until one year later.”

“OK, whatever, I am willing to do whatever.”

“Then, remember today, we will meet today one year later.”

The girl said, turned around and left.

The blacksmith went out of the door……

His footsteps made the girl look back at him. She found him a cripple. She wanted to say something, but only opened her mouth, said nothing, turned her head and walked away quickly. The Blacksmith’s eyes also kept sending the girl’s back to the other end of the street. He saw her into the car, and he was very familiar with that car.

Later, the blacksmith began to make another nine watering cans. He is so serious, as if the craftsman is doing craft creation. For this reason, he declined a lot of work on his own initiative.

Some people in the world have never got married, but everyone in the world has loved it.

The blacksmith hadn’t got married since he was Cripple, but he had loved it since he was still a junior two boy. He was handsome at that time. He fell in love with a silent and introverted girl in his class. In fact, her appearance was not outstanding. Maybe what attracted him was only her rosy lips, which were as rosy as Cherry. The subjective teacher once criticized her without any name in the class, saying that she shouldn’t wear lipstick only in the second year of junior high school. She cried with grievance, but it turned out that she had never put on lipstick. But from then on she became more silent, because almost all the boys in the class began to pay attention to her, because of her rosy lips like Cherry. He and she became deskmates in the second semester of junior high school. At first, he didn’t even dare to look at her. He felt that her red lips had irresistible allure to himself, and began to evaluate her eyes secretly with aesthetic perspective, I think she has a pair of talking eyes. Before long, he was tempted by her white hands again, which were indeed a pair of pretty hands, white and almost transparent, only ten charming fingers were slightly pink……

One day, he finally plucked up 120 points of courage and gave her a note full of his “troubles of Young Werther”.

As a result, he was first arranged to be separated from his deskmate.

Then the note was read out at the school conference. Then we talk to parents. His father, the blacksmith who came home from school more than 30 years ago, beat him angrily. Then write the check and guarantee……

This was a shame for the boys in the second year of junior high school, until the beginning of the “cultural revolution”, the snow was washed. He was the first one to rush to the criticism platform and pick up the belt to draw the principal; He cut the headteacher’s hair in a mess by himself with scissors; his revenge on his deskmate was the most “civilized”-in the winter of the first year of the “cultural revolution”, he ordered her to carry a big watering can and pour a skating rink on the campus! No student has the mind to skating any more, in that cold winter of “Revolution storm. But so many red guards became his supporters. The evil of human nature is mobilized to be natural and justified in the name of “Revolution. That winter was really cold, and he didn’t allow her to carry the big watering can that school worker used to water the flowers with gloves. Seeing how her pretty and white hands were stuck when touching the watering can, he felt how worthy it was to show the “revolution” crazily for revenge. Who told her father to be a capitalist abroad! “Red Five” is the accepted principle of “revolution” to “Black Five” ruthlessly…… She didn’t pour out a piece of ice rink enough for skating in the whole winter.

When the spring breeze blew the ice she poured out, she also disappeared from his sight from the school.

The Red Guards who were crazy about “revolution” could not escape the fate of “going up the mountain to the countryside. The hard work was never as happy as the “revolution”. He always understood this at the cost of becoming a cripple.

In a classmate party after returning to the city, a female classmate told him that in fact, it was not his deskmate who “betrayed” him, but the female classmate who was particularly intimate with her. He didn’t feel guilty after hearing this. He thought it was all the fault of the “cultural revolution.

But when he heard that, more than 30 years ago, in order to pour out a skating rink, her severely frostbitten hands were declined, and he could no longer think it was the fault of the “cultural revolution. His confession was far greater than that female classmate who “betrayed” him.

What he was afraid of was that one day, a woman without hands came to his blacksmith’s shop, appreciating his craft and saying, “how nice it is to have a pair of hands!” Or, “Please make me a watering can, and I will use it to pour out a skating rink in winter……”

Now, he knew that what he was afraid of finally happened, although it was not a woman who had no hands who came in person……

The beating process of each watering can is the trial process of people’s hearts.

While making the tenth watering can, that is, the smallest one, the hammer and Mallet hit him several times. Several layers of shell of his heart scar were finally knocked open layer by layer. He saw the landscape that he didn’t want to admit and even didn’t want to see-the content of his soul shell, the ugly and evil evidence of human nature withered, it looks like a mummy with the sarcophagus lid opened. He himself knows best that it does not come from the outside world, but lacks a kind of beautiful nutrient in his soul since childhood-the nutrient of human education. Although confession could not offset the trembling he felt……

He really wanted to make the smallest watering can the most beautiful, but his wish was not achieved.

Someone once wanted to buy some of the ten watering cans, but he didn’t sell them.

He waited for his “atonement day” day by day……

The Old Street was pushed flat in advance at the end of the year.

He was very lucky to get a front room with two rooms inside and outside, and it was on a market street. The relocation department told him that because there was a “noble person” taking care of him. Otherwise, why should he? No way.

He asked himself secretly once again — is my hit also equipped with “noble people?

If you can’t guess the result, don’t guess.

The blacksmith made all mental preparations, holding a single thought and waiting for humiliation and revenge. Finally, even this anxious waiting mentality gradually became calm.

Everything must come to an end, he thought, wouldn’t it cut off my hands? After thinking like this, he felt that he was too vulgar to disturb himself.

The day he was waiting for finally came. The old man didn’t come, neither did the girl. A child who knew him sent a letter to him, which was written to him by his deskmate in those years. She wrote in the letter:

My old father has been looking forward to meeting you, the person who made his daughter lose his hands! My daughter has always had the same idea since she was sensible. They have all achieved their goals. They had planned to punish you for their daughter and mother, and they had enough ability to revenge you. However, our whole family were against revenge, so they helped you under my persuasion instead. Because, for the boy I loved when I was a girl, I couldn’t be ruthless……

There was another thing in the envelope-she had read the note he gave her, and she had already given him a “reply”. The paper pulled down from the two pages of the text records all kinds of surprises and happiness aroused by a young girl’s love in those years.

Those two pages of paper are yellow and crisp……

They were suddenly covered on his face by his hands, and soaked through for a moment.

In the sunshine of May, in the breeze of May, the shiny iron gourd outside the blacksmith’s shop made a pleasant noise……

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