I Am Love


Everything will be gloomy, only the eyes of love shining forever in the deep valley of the years.


The distance between heart is the closest and farthest.

A trip to the world was attracted by few souls, intoxicated by them, too late to be satisfied, too late to get tired, and left in a hurry, leaving a little confusion in the world.


Love and career, the two pursuits of life, are essentially one, which are both ways of self-confirmation. Love confirms its own value through the recognition of a certain opposite sex, and career confirms its own value through the recognition of the society.


It is through the most specific love like family affection, sex and friendship that we constantly establish and enrich the connection with the world. If you love a person deeply, what you build through this is not only the connection with this person, but also the connection with the whole life. The connection between a person who has never loved him and his life is also very weak. He lives in this world, but he will feel that he is just an outsider. The experience of love determines the breadth and depth of life connotation. The deeper and richer a person’s experience of love is, the deeper and more fully he lives.


Compared with whether you are loved or not, whether you have love or not is more important. A person who lacks love is a lonely person, while a person without love is an indifferent person. As long as a lonely person has love, he will still have happiness in loneliness. As Shelley said, when his love has no sustenance among people who don’t understand him, he will turn to flowers, grass, rivers and sky, and thus feel the joy of the soul. However, if a person has no love, no matter how lively his superficial life is and the source of happiness has dried up, his indifferent heart will never be truly happy.


The value of love lies in itself, not in its result. The result may be unfortunate and happy, but it will never be the most unfortunate and happiest. Only in the process of love can there be “the most” experience and imagination.

7-piece set

Sex is the motive force of love in life. A person who does not love the opposite sex at all cannot love life.


People often say that love makes people lose themselves. But there is also the opposite situation: love makes people discover themselves. In front of his lover, who was surprised to find that he had so many good things he neglected at ordinary times? He was eager to give his best things to his lover, so he looked for them and found them as expected. The wish to present led to discovery. If there is no wish to present, you may not find it in your lifetime.


I suddenly felt so sad. I miss the men and women who love me or hate me, and I also think that one day they and their love and resentment will no longer exist, and this small emotional world that touches my mind will no longer exist, I myself no longer exist. I suddenly feel so sad……
(Text/Zhou Guoping)

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