Does all the time

If I didn’t experience that thing, I wouldn’t know that “time” was not only a placeholder to heal the wound, but also an examiner of right and wrong.

More than three years ago, I worked in a private radio station. A colleague in the station plagiarized the programs of Youtai. From the interview to the main statement, they were all broadcast completely, and the program also received the commission funding of 6000 yuan for each episode of “Information Bureau. I wrote a tip-off letter to the “Information Bureau”. Unexpectedly, the “Information Bureau” sent the letter back to the company. Then the radio station boss took the accused to explain to the “Information Bureau” personally.

It is conceivable that the boss is going to be fired without any light on his face. Thanks to the recommendation of the officer who loves me, I have to survive.

The life of being labeled as “Black Five” is hard. The peers who had personal friendship with the “victim” disdained me when they saw me-“informer”, and these three words were written on my face. And my colleagues also talked behind me.

Just because of a letter that I thought was purely motivated, my personality and personal morality were all a big blow.

Am I really wrong? Don’t you have to pay, wait for the harvest, can you always pick up the cheap? Is there no fairness and justice in the real society? At that most helpless moment, I was supported by several sisters who knew me very well. After criticizing my silly elder sister’s muddled actions, everyone still supported me with incomparable sympathy and love, which made me under the gloomy work haze, I can still see the bright sunshine.

And since I reported others’ cheating, I have to act correctly. So I redoubled my efforts to run the news, went up to the mountain and went to sea, went forward bravely, and dared not to be lazy at all. About a year later, I reported to my colleagues who were “victims” and disdained to me with a kind smile, and I was not willing to exchange news with me.

To my relief, they all admitted that I was right at the beginning. The snobbish reality that the accused treated people was just like the snow melting in the sun, and finally the bottom layer was exposed, which made people see clearly. On that day, I was so happy that the truth only needed to wait for the trial of time.

Later, the miracle happened, and I was shortlisted for the news interview Award of Golden Bell Award. For small southern radio stations, this is a great honor. When the shortlist was announced, the officer who had recommended me to leave immediately went to the church to thank him, while I shed bitter tears happily.

Such an opportunity may not be counted as a comeback, but from the denial of personality, to the suspicion of where the right and wrong are, to the conscientious days, finally I saw the hands of friendship and the fruits of success, the mental journey is quite bitter.

Looking back, time is really a magical magician. After being filtered by it, no one can disguise without being found. Any right, wrong or right should be tested one by one-my reckless but true self-criticism is like this.

If you are facing difficulties in your life, don’t be discouraged. Time will help you heal your pain.

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