Give up

There is a feeling called loss, and a beauty called giving up. One time to give up silently, to give up a favorite friend without fate, to give up some kind of waiting but no harvest feelings, to give up some kind of spiritual expectations, and to give up a kind of thoughts, a kind of sadness will be born in my heart. However, this kind of sadness does not prevent me from starting again, listening to the music again and telling the story again in the new time and space. Because this is a natural farewell and giving up, it is full of detachment spirit, so sad and beautiful. 

I once had a feeling that I wanted to make it forever. After many years, I found that it had faded away gradually. Only then did I know that what I held in my hands was not necessarily what I thought I really had; What I had was not necessarily what I really engraved in my heart; life often needs to give up consciously, because there are too many beautiful things in the world. I have been longing for and pursuing the beauty that I don’t have, and I am busy in order to obtain it. In fact, what you really need is often understood after many years. And for the beauty that I have to own, I feel uneasy and worried because I can’t grasp the scale. 

The fleeting sigh of sunset, the trouble of blooming flowers and falling flowers, and the unhappiness of life. Because when we have it, we may be losing, while when we give up, we may be gaining it again. We cannot have an absolute grasp of everything. If you pursue and possess deliberately, it is difficult to get out of the misunderstanding of suffering for gain and loss. 

Life needs to sublimate the spirit of quietness and detachment. People who understand know how to give up, people who really love know how to sacrifice, and people who are happy know how to be detached.

Although I didn’t come to this world because of you, I was more attached to this world because of you. If I can be with you, I will be grateful to the world; If I cannot be with you, I will walk away silently, but I will still not lose my love and gratitude to the world. Thank God for letting me meet you, leave you and complete a poem created by God!

Life gives me endless sorrow and eternal answer. Therefore, Enron gave up and stuck to detachment. No matter how the secular life in the world of mortals changes, no matter how personal choices are, and no matter how heavy the things in hand are, we are brave to escape, sad and gratified! We walked to the depths of our life as usual. As usual, we gave up gradually and became firm gradually.

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