Walk past! The front is sunny day

Walk past! The front is sunny day

走过去!前面是晴朗的天Life is hard to avoid wind and rain. Through wind and rain, we learn to keep a normal heart in the noisy world, and we learn to keep a smiling face in the crowded life.

Every one of us hopes for success, but on the road of looking for success, we can’t escape setbacks, just like the ancients said: if we want to go through the Yellow River, we will climb the Taihang mountain full of snow. If you want to succeed, you must overcome setbacks.

Who can have no setbacks in life, just like a person who has to learn to walk, he has to have a wrestling, and only after a wrestling can he learn to walk. Frustration can destroy and create a person. Some people are afraid of setbacks, so they dare not pursue success; This is the weak. In front of the weak, setbacks are the waves that overturn the boat of life. The bigger the waves are, the easier he will be swallowed. But I believe that everyone who yearns for success does not want to be weak. Then, as a strong man, we should not stop pursuing because of frustration. We should cheer up and challenge setbacks.

Marx once said, “there is no ever Flat Road in the world. Only those who climb along the steep mountain road without fear of hard work will have the hope to reach the peak of glory.” In the face of setbacks, we don’t have the courage to frown. We should face up to them without avoiding them and surpass them without encircling them. We should take this belief as a powerful driving force to overcome setbacks. Stand up again from setbacks, so as to continuously pursue and taste the joy of success. A setback does not mean a permanent failure. As long as you dare to defeat yourself, the door to success will open to you.

Human life is like a flood running, and it is difficult to arouse beautiful Rong Hua without encountering high mountains and reefs. It can be seen that if you want to succeed, you must try setbacks, and only by overcoming setbacks can you achieve success.

Friends, let’s not overcome setbacks in the future life path, and move towards a glorious tomorrow!

In fact, experiencing wind and rain is also a kind of happiness, which will make us more mature, more confident and more steady.

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