Someone should allow me to be unreasonable

Although his wife’s education level is not high, she is articulate and eloquent. There are contradictions in life. Once she has a quarrel with his wife, I will always be defeated, the wife who was good at sophistry would gain the upper hand even if it was obviously reasonable. A man’s husband couldn’t even quarrel with his wife at home. He said it was shameful to go out, and I always held it to my heart.

After work this evening, for a trivial matter, our couple started to talk again. The wife continued to give full play to her advantages. She was eloquent and spoke like a string of bullets, aggressive. I was so clumsy that it was a scholar who met soldiers. I couldn’t explain clearly and spent more than ten years reading books. The more she quarreled, the more excited her wife became. Chen Guzi was rotten. The old account and the new account were turned out together. I counted my sins and faults, and once again took the opportunity to express her bitter hatred and thousands of grievances as a wife. With such an unreasonable wife, what can I do? Untouchables we hide!

Turned around and walked into the study, leaving his wife alone in the living room. My heart was full of anger. Seeing that other people’s wives were so knowledgeable and reasonable, why did they have a bad life and ask for such an unreasonable wife. The voice of his wife can’t be heard in the living room. If there is no opponent, it is estimated that his wife also loses the interest of quarreling.

At dinner, my wife asked my child to have dinner and asked him to have dinner. I didn’t move. I just had a quarrel and was not in the mood to eat. Seeing that I didn’t go out, my wife came in and asked me if I was really angry. “Put on an unreasonable wife, and everyone will be angry.” I said angrily. My wife walked up to me, glanced at me and said seriously, “I am reasonable with everyone outside, but I am not reasonable with you. You are my husband, there must be someone in this world who allows me to be unreasonable.”

After saying that, my wife paused, saying that she should have dinner first, and then went out of the study.

My wife’s words were like a beat of stress, which woke me up severely. The reason why my wife was unreasonable to me was her love and trust! She needs packaging outside, and she needs to be insincere. Only at home can I let her pour out and vent without any worries. It is often said that home is not a reasonable place, where there are so many distinct right and wrong.

There are many ways to love, one of which is unreasonable to you.
(Text/Li Canhua)

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