Marriage Tips: only when you learn to be confused can you be happy

Marriage Tips: only when you learn to be confused can you be happy

婚姻秘籍:学点糊涂才快乐 For the marriage of marriage, for the marriage of marriage, pay attention to the character “marriage” of the leading role, but it is just a faint character added to the female character. From this point of view, a woman just crashed into the marriage after losing her head. Think carefully, is it the same thing? Duras never said that famous sentence: a man, unless a woman loves him very much, is hard to bear.

I am feel more and more similar. The great writer is right. Men are really made of mud, rough and turbid. Without any accumulated love, it really makes people more and more tired and unbearable.

Look at the man beside me. As soon as I got home from work, I searched for the remote control and watched TV Everywhere. Then I placed myself on the sofa as long as a corpse. I only turned my eyes occasionally to show that I was a living thing. They could just watch the martial arts TV series which had been broadcast for countless times. Or it’s a military-themed TV series, recalling his heroic career at that time while watching it.

I couldn’t bear it anymore. I scolded him: How old are you, sir? I thought I was small?

After such a long time, how can I find that this man has so many endless bad problems! He was still unambitious, and he would know to watch those boring soap operas on TV after finishing work mechanically all day. The professional books which had been bought for several thousand yuan were left out on the bookshelf, and they were regarded as exhibits.

I finally understood how an excellent and dignified woman became a nagging housekeeper, which was all forced by these men. Once again, I couldn’t bear to accuse him that he didn’t care about hygiene, read books, and was not gentle, which became more and more vulgar. Unexpectedly, they refused and rose to refute. In this way, the family war caused by trifles broke out, and the trivial things “succeeded” to upgrade to the big events related to personality and morality, which became more and more difficult to deal.

Really, it’s really countless times that I just want to leave, seeing is nothing! But if you find another one, it must be better than him. Is there no such problem? The Crow in the world is generally black, can men in the world be an exception? Difficult. I can’t be dizzy any more. One time is enough.

Looking back at him, I found that he also has many advantages! Don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t gamble, don’t care, basically go home on time every day, cook and wash everything. The most important thing is that he has treated me well for several years. Although it makes me tired, I know that a man who is good to me is not able to find one casually.

Thinking like this, why do you think this man is good. But after getting along with him for a long time, he unconsciously took a magnifying glass to see him and magnified his shortcomings.

Since he got married because he was dizzy at the beginning, he must not be too sober to keep his marriage. He must continue to look at his advantages and ignore his shortcomings as before marriage, only in this way can we live happily as always.

No one is perfect, none is perfect. It depends on your vision and attitude.

Some things, trivial things that have nothing to do with principles, things that are related to people’s preferences and habits, may not be your appetite. But after all, marriage belongs to two people, not you. When appropriate, you should learn to be confused. If you don’t see it and don’t know it, then don’t you worry and save effort, and don’t you feel happy every day?

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