Life of lemon tea

Life of lemon tea

There is a story like this: a couple had a quarrel in the cafe and didn’t give in to each other. Then, the boy left angrily, leaving his girlfriend alone with tears.

生命的柠檬茶The upset girl stirred the Cup of cool lemon tea in front of her, and pounded the fresh lemon slice which was not peeled with a spoon as if she was angry. The Lemon Slice had been badly pounded by her, the tea in the Cup also had a bitter taste of lemon peel.

The girl called the waiter and asked for a cup of tea made of peeled lemon.

The waiter glanced at the girl without saying anything. He took away the cup of tea which had been stirred up by her and brought another cup of frozen lemon tea. However, the lemon in the tea was still skinned.

The girl who was in a bad mood became more annoyed. She called the waiter again, “I said that the lemon in the tea should be peeled. Didn’t you hear clearly?” She scolded the waiter.

The waiter looked at her, his eyes were clear and bright, “Miss, please don’t worry,” he said, “Do you know that after the lemon peel is fully soaked, its bitter taste is dissolved in the tea, it will be a refreshing and sweet smell, which is exactly what you need now. So please don’t be impatient and don’t try to squeeze out all the fragrance of lemon in three minutes, which will only make the tea mixed up and make things a mess.”

The girl was stunned for a moment, with a feeling of being touched in her heart. She looked at the waiter’s eyes and asked, “then, how long will it take to give full play to the fragrance of lemon?”

The waiter smiled, “twelve hours. After 12 hours, Lemon will release all the essence of life, and you can get a cup of delicious lemon tea, but you have to endure and wait for 12 hours.”

The waiter paused and then said, “In fact, it’s not just making tea. Any trouble in life, as long as you are willing to endure and wait for 12 hours, you will find that, things are not as bad as you imagine.”

The girl looked at him, “Are you implying something to me?”

The waiter smiled, “I am just teaching you how to make lemon tea. I will discuss with you casually whether the method of making tea can also make a delicious life.”

The waiter bowed and left.

Facing a cup of lemon tea, the girl meditated quietly.

After the girl came home, she made a cup of lemon tea by herself. She cut the lemon into small round and thin pieces and put them into the tea.

The girl looked at the lemon slices in the Cup quietly. She saw them breathing. Every cell of them was open, with glittering and fine water droplets condensed. She was moved. She felt the life and soul of lemon sublimated slowly and released slowly. Twelve hours later, she tasted the most wonderful and delicious lemon tea that she had never drunk in her life.

The girl understood that it was because the soul of lemon was completely deep into it that she had such a perfect taste.

When the doorbell rang, the girl opened the door and saw the boy standing outside the door with a bunch of roses in her arms.

“Can you forgive me?” He asked calmly.

The girl smiled. She pulled him in and put a cup of lemon tea in front of him.

“Let’s have an agreement,” the girl said, “in the future, no matter how many troubles we encounter, we are not allowed to lose our temper, and we will settle down to think about this cup of lemon tea.”

“Why do you want lemon tea.” Boy confused puzzled.

“Because, we need to wait patiently for 12 hours.”

Later, the girl applied the secret of lemon tea to all aspects of her life, and her life became happy, vivid and beautiful.

The girl tasted the wonderful taste of lemon tea and the wonderful taste of life quietly.

Remember the waiter’s words: “If you want to squeeze out the taste of lemon in three minutes, you will make the tea very bitter and mixed.”

Life is like tea, slowly waiting, fine tasting, endless taste.

However, you can’t wait too long. Tea has been soaked for too long, so it cannot be swallowed; Life has waited too long, and it is indifferent. 

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