Life should be simple but complicated

Life should be simple but complicated

生活本该简单却复杂Are you willing to give up some original goals? Many things in life can be given up and worth giving up, because in the end you will find that what you pursue is just what everyone is pursuing.

Do you think other people’s lives are referential to yourself? The biggest problem of modern people is to measure their own life by others’ standards. What do neighbors, colleagues and friends have, so they should have.

Work is life for you? Work is not a moral requirement for people, but a need for survival. Work is just people’s fear of emptiness, which can make you have identification, respect, identity confirmation and social status. Hannah Arendt once said, “the only thing that everyone knows and will do in the future is work. Is there anything more horrible than this?”

Do you think you will succeed? What is success? How successful? How much time and cost will you spend to get this success? Wait until you figure out these questions.

Always afraid of crisis? The economic downturn does not mean that the sky is going to collapse. Instead, it is an opportunity to make you look at your own life and a great opportunity to change your lifestyle. Just as Max Frisch said, “Crisis is a special state of production, which can only be experienced in the threat of disaster.”

Do you have a purpose in everything you do? Singing K is to relieve stress, afternoon tea and dinner are for communication, going to the gym is for figure, playing ball is for health…… Is there an activity completely for enjoying itself?

Always felt busy? I feel that I don’t have enough time and sleep every day. There are many things waiting for you to do every day. If you don’t go, the world will stop. Really?

Do you think it is reasonable to spend money? The consumer society has turned purchasing into a moral exemption clause. You can feel at ease as long as you spend money. Because you bought this thing, you can destroy and abandon it at any time without feeling guilty. No one takes waste and resource consumption seriously.

Is there a pure personal hobby? Collect a cartoon image, Read online magic novels, raise a very boring pet, revise pictures…… These things have nothing to do with your work, family and life, but they can help you relax and not make you feel that every minute of your life must be useful.

How long has it been since I played games? We must understand that many great inventions of human beings are based on game-like curiosity, which was invented purely out of interest.

Do you feel happy only when shopping? Werner samba said that capitalism originated from the nature of waste. In fact, consumerism makes people believe that shopping is the best psychological treatment. Only by constantly buying can human beings feel that their hard work is meaningful and that they really exist in this world.

You believe in advertising? A man from a 4A company in an office building suddenly came up with a slogan after a whole night, and then you immediately became very interested in this commodity, I think it is simply made for you.

Nothing at home can be out of date after 10 years? Computer, MP3, mobile phone, these electronic products were out of date after 3 months. Clothing and accessories may last for one year. Looking around your house, there are a lot of things, and the purpose of making them is to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Your family has never made anything by itself? If everyone makes their own tools, then the commercial society will go bankrupt. Of course, they will not let you do so. But have you really never done anything for yourself?

Are you highly standard? The House needs to be big, the car needs to be big, the LCD TV needs to be the largest screen, the refrigerator needs to be double-door large capacity, the job needs to enter a big company, and the study also needs to go to the best university.

Is gym healthier than Park? Said in Germany, bought fitness card did not go to waste amount year 0.3 billion euro, equivalent to Mongolia year of GDP. Commercial organizations do not care about this kind of waste. They only care about promoting commercial and mechanized life to consumers continuously, instead of letting people know that the natural environment is better.

The farther you go, the more fashionable you will be when traveling? The fatal attraction of travel is that it claims that exotic sentiment and temporary indulgence will make you feel different; In fact, the travel agency promises every guest that they are different. The final result was that the passengers came back to show off all their experiences in San Francisco or Frankfurt to their friends after getting tired to death, and all of this was just that you stayed in the hotel for several nights.

Cars represent civilization? Cars, highways, traffic jams, and large-scale energy consumption all come from our intoxication of automobile merchants’ marketing strategies. In the current context, cars represent advanced, civilized, identity, social status and basic human rights. There is no reason to ask others not to own cars, but you can ask yourself, do you really own a car just for traffic?

How important is information to you? Can we decide which works of art to enjoy by ourselves? Listen to what music? Which books and performances do you watch? What cultural events and news do we really need to know? How many people try their best to understand it just to have some conversation with others? In modern society, on one hand, information exists for your “social use”, on the other hand, it is to comfort you that “you have not been abandoned by the Times”.

How much time do you spend on the screen every day? Facing the computer at work and TV after work. There is no tool that can make people stupid efficiently like TV, and create a collective illusion: we keep pace, have the same taste, and we are a part of modern life. Computers and the Internet create another illusion: each of us is unique. They seem to be the opposite, but in fact they are all the tools for human beings to lock themselves.

Make sure you can be contacted at any time? Mobile phones need to be turned on 24 hours, network communication tools need to be online at the first time, refresh the mailbox every half an hour, and write a blog every day. All these efforts are to hope that you can be contacted, noticed and understood by others at any time, and to create illusion that you are needed every moment.

Is solitude a terrible thing? Urban people are always afraid of being alone. They are looking for excuses to create a social atmosphere every day. They even have to pull out their mobile phones to invite people when eating. It is not only Samuel Becket who can say, “the feeling of solitude is really wonderful”. Everyone can regard solitude as an opportunity to know himself.

Are Your Friends only colleagues and classmates? The dilemma of urban people is that it is difficult for strangers to become friends. The interpersonal relationships in life are either colleagues, classmates or purely working relationships.

The maintenance of family or friendship is to have a meal together every week? Many people’s understanding of family relationship and friendship is very simple and rude-it is enough to have dinner with family members once a week; The only thing that calls friends is: come out for dinner; the most convenient way to solve the child’s problem is to buy something for him.

How long have you not asked yourself a question? Are you always just do it, but never have time to think about it?
(WEN/Chen Mo)

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