There is a kind of touching called understanding and tolerance

There is a kind of touching called understanding and tolerance

In the marriage life, there is a kind of touching called Love, a kind of touching called mutual help, and a kind of touching called understanding and tolerance. Marriage is like a boat sailing in the sea. Sometimes the wind is calm and smooth; Sometimes there are storms and reefs, only paddling inclusive paddles and hanging the sail of understanding, only by working together can we reach the other side of happiness.

有一种感动叫理解和包容When a couple, with the vigour and warmth in love and the sweet longing for the future life, enter the marriage, they will find that in the marriage life, more plain is reflected. Although love is very romantic, marriage is very real. No matter how wonderful love is, it will always return to the reality of daily necessities.

If love is compared to romantic serenade of wind, flowers, snow and moon, then marriage is a symphony of fate in pots and pans, playing the simplest movement and composing the warm melody of ordinary but intoxicating home. In the end, love in marriage will gradually not be mentioned frequently any more. They are more about waiting and supporting each other. It is not enough to just hold love in marriage, but also to operate with heart, to maintain.

Marriage is not a matter for one person. People in marriage should be responsible for marriage. There is a witty saying: “Marriage is the only alliance without leaders, but both sides think they are leaders themselves.” Imagine that in a marriage, a couple of strangers meet each other for decades under the same roof, and they have their own characteristics. When personality conflicts often bring about family frictions. Many families turn on red lights because of personality conflicts. At this time, they need more understanding and tolerance from each other. Love is like water, marriage is like a cup. When Love settles down, when marriage has twists and turns, we should shake the Cup gently and use understanding and tolerance to settle down.

If marriage is compared to a car, love is light, and tolerance, tolerance and consideration are oil. In a specific marriage life, when men are furious, women’s endurance can resolve the war; When women make small temper, men’s tolerance can resolve this entanglement, even if there is fierce conflict, it will also save danger. The highest state of human love is to return to the family affection of sharing weal and woe, and to the marriage of sharing responsibility, which is called “holding the hand of your son, and carrying your son with you”.

Tolerance is the fusion agent in marriage, but excessive use of tolerance becomes indulgence. Like chronic poison, it gradually turns sweet marriage into a painful cage. If tolerance is like sugar in marriage life, then criticism and correction are like salt in marriage life. Only proper amount of sugar and salt can make marriage life interesting.

Marriage makes people learn a lot from it. Mutual tolerance and understanding are the softest part of love. As a person in a marriage, we should learn to read our marriage carefully, carefully examine ourselves in the marriage, and then look at the other half who shares weal and woe with you with full appreciation. We should also learn to taste a kind of light fragrance in the light tea, and learn to taste the fragrance of marriage in the plain process.

The happiness in marriage is actually a kind of feeling, which is formed by the movement in marriage and is a precious memory linked by true feelings. Not everyone can understand or share it. Therefore, this kind of touching and memory will be treasured in the hearts of the parties concerned, just like pollen existing in the hive, which will cause sweetness one day. There must be many moments in marriage that move you. In those plain days, you will quietly run out of those memories of the past. Sometimes, even if there is only one touch, it can also brew the sweetness of a lifetime.

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