Marriage is a career that needs to be run for a lifetime.

Marriage is a career that needs to be run for a lifetime.

Recently, after listening to such a real story that makes people laugh and cry, it took several years for a couple to overcome the space distance and various realistic obstacles before they came together to form a couple, who knew that it had been impossible to get married for only three months, so he quickly went through the divorce procedure and became a stranger. The reason for divorce is very simple. Originally, the couple worked in different places and were not in the same city with their parents. After marriage, they planned to go back to the city where the man lived to develop in order to follow filial piety. Who knows that as soon as he gets home, the man’s mother will immediately give a horse to his new wife. It is a family to marry into a certain family. From then on, he will obey the family rules and wait for the words to come out…… Thinking about what kind of person the women born in the 80’s generation are, how can they bear such serious remarks and discipline? As a result, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law broke up in discord. The husband was caught in the middle, and it was the first time, I didn’t know what to do, but the little couple quarreled again. Originally, it was common to get along with the family, but it happened that a woman was the only daughter in the family. She grew up in the favor of her parents when she was young, and she felt very sad at once and felt extremely sad, in addition, I couldn’t get used to it when I got along with my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. After the third month of marriage, I decided to ask for a divorce, and the man was also exhausted. A marriage was just like this, the two 26-year-old young people suddenly became unmarried people in the society.

婚姻是需要经营一辈子的事业This kind of real event is believed to be not strange in today’s era when everything is said to be “flashy”. Just looking at it, it is sad that marriage has deceived us, or do we pollute the sanctity of marriage? People who shout slogans to seek for “Everlasting, grow old together” love and marriage, when you really encounter love and marriage, have you ever thought about how the real everlasting comes from? Is that just a pure yearning, not the dream you want to achieve?

Originally, as the saying goes: love is easy to get along. Talking about love and talking about love is originally a simple thing for two people, but marriage is a matter for two families. In the season of love, lovers always try their best to present a good side with passion, and are also willing to beautify and tolerate each other. However, after the real marriage, the tense nerves suddenly relax: we are husband and wife, you are one of your own. You don’t have to be afraid of losing any more, so you can be yourself calmly. Therefore, the nature of each other is gradually revealed. After the initial new wedding period, the couple will enter the run-in period, and wise and mature people will accept this process peacefully, only by trying to go through this stage together can we get the stability of marriage and love. On the contrary, people with improper cognition of marriage and low psychological endurance will begin to feel desperate when entering the running-in phase of marriage, feeling that marriage is different from what they expect, marriage makes love and loved ones become qualitative, and negative thinking is generated under gloomy psychology, which promotes the disintegration of marriage.

In addition to getting along with each other, marriage also involves getting along with other family members. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been a difficult problem since ancient times, let alone getting along with each other’s family concepts and values, it was always difficult at first, but who didn’t experience such a stage in Chinese marriage? Strangers always need time to get to know each other, learn from each other and love each other, so as to find ways to get along with each other. This process is long and requires a heart that is accepted safely and a positive attitude, if you give up once you encounter setbacks, the marriage will be as fragile as paper.

Problems existing in marriage have existed since ancient times. The reason why people could overcome and persist in ancient times was that people in the past paid attention to reputation, and divorce was an ugly thing, no retreat will naturally find ways to overcome the problems encountered, thus generating the heart of persistence and tolerance. Moreover, people in the past had less chance to contact with the opposite sex, which reduced the chance to enter marriage and extramarital affair after divorce, thus reducing the chance to be half-hearted.

In today’s society, the openness of people’s concept and the freedom of emotion invisibly make people lose the determination to stick to marriage, and also make marriage become fragile as paper. However, what is the most beautiful yearning in our hearts? Is that just a slogan? Even Zhang Xueyou said in the interview, “Divorce is also mentioned when quarreling, but that is just an angry word that is not calm.”

Facing marriage, you can be discouraged or disappointed. However, please don’t forget the yearning for everlasting in your heart. You should also know that beauty needs wisdom and firm and positive attitude to get. Is there a perfect marriage between couples in this world? Easily let go of one’s hand, how many hands can we pull in our life? If we turn the idea of giving up into the determination to face and solve problems, we believe that there are more ways than difficulties. Don’t think that marriage will be smoother if you change your partner. Love may be different, but the ways of managing marriage are all the same. If you have no choice, please change your attitude to run a marriage. Those who let go easily will never find a beautiful legend, because marriage is a career that needs to run for a lifetime. Author/Autumn Heart

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