Learn how to entertain yourself

Learn how to entertain yourself

For a person, a happy life is a successful life, so everyone is eager to have more happiness, but happiness is not available to everyone, therefore, some people began to complain about the heaven and worry about people, blame God for not preferring themselves, blame fate for being more Jie, complain about bad career and family discord…… In fact, these are not the decisive factors of your unhappiness. What really determines your happiness is yourself!

学会让自己快乐Happiness is actually a state of mind, a state of mind. Happiness comes from your heart. You can create a state of mind of “I am very happy” at any time. Most people will be as happy as they want. How can we get happiness?

Smile: if you keep your mood in a low state, for example, your shoulders droop and your legs seem to weigh a thousand pounds when walking, then you will really feel that your mood is very poor. If you cry, no one will ignore you. So how to change? It’s very simple. All you need to do is take a deep breath, raise your head and raise your chest, smile on your face, and pose alive. Smiling and yawning are also contagious. If you smile sincerely to a person, he can’t be angry with you.

Relax: happy people always say to themselves like this: I feel happy, I will do better and better in all aspects, and I will be happier and happier. You say something to yourself repeatedly, such as “I am relaxed”, “I am calm” and so on. These words will enter your subconscious mind after a long time.

Yiqu: Now, let’s try the mental images of fantasy happiness. First of all, relax your chin, raise your cheek, open your lips, raise your corners of your mouth up, and say “recall some interesting things” to yourself “. To visualize happiness and play it to yourself like a TV film is the psychological image method of happiness.

Speaking loudly: the repressed person’s voice is obviously small, showing lack of confidence and unhappiness at all. So you should try your best to increase your volume, but you don’t have to shout loudly to others. You just need to consciously make your voice slightly louder than usual.

Raise your head and hold your chest: If you observe carefully, you will find that those who are hit and rejected by others are lazy when walking, making them look sloppy and completely confident. Another kind of people showed extraordinary confidence. They walked faster than ordinary people, as if they were sprinting. You will feel happy and grow if you raise your head and walk faster.

Take advantage of your own advantages: If someone tells you, “you can speak well on the phone”. You don’t think it’s a big deal. However, you should know that many people think it is very difficult to do so, so this is indeed your proud advantage. The source of happiness is to discover and utilize your real advantages, which makes your self-consciousness better and the happier you will be.

Sharing: A man asks God, “Why are people in heaven happy while people in hell are not?” So God took him to hell. He saw many people sitting in front of a big pot, cooking delicious food in the pot, but everyone was hungry and disappointed because the spoon in their hands was too long, I can’t send food to my mouth. Then they came to heaven again. The spoon here was also very long, but people used spoons to send food to others’ mouths. Sharing happiness with others can make happiness last forever.

Gratitude: If you can learn to be grateful, you will reduce a lot of anger. Only when you are grateful can you be truly happy. If a person only has resentment, your mood will naturally not be good. One sentence goes well: Thank you for thinking about it. A grateful heart will create a happy miracle for you.

Of course, it is impossible to do all the things mentioned above. You can take your time. That is what you should be able to do. Because what can decide whether you are happy or not is your own state of mind. If you adjust your state of mind, you will naturally have happiness if you choose happiness! I believe that you also hope that you can finally find your own happiness.

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