Like “sun wax Monk”

Every time I see my friend Jiang, I always feel that he is different from others.

For example, go to his home for dinner. If I say, don’t mention it, just cook a few dishes. I’m losing weight these two days. As expected, there must be four dishes for four people on the table. It’s just enough, but it also conforms to the principle of saving.

If I say next time, I will go to your house, you can cook something delicious. Needless to say, the food on the dining table in his house would be too crowded to be placed. We are leaving. It is estimated that the couple of Lao Jiang will eat leftovers for another three or five days.

His wife also told me one thing. Once Lao Jiang made an appointment with someone to wait at the gate of the Square bookstore at 8 o’clock. It was nine o’clock, and the man didn’t come either. Lao Jiang is still waiting there. His wife called him and said that he would definitely not come. Lao Jiang said, if he didn’t come, he would call. If there is no phone call, it means he will arrive.

After waiting all morning, there was no figure. At night, the man called to explain, saying that he forgot during the day. I’ll see you tomorrow at the old time and place.

He doesn’t complain or get angry. Next day.

Jiang’s wife gritted her teeth while talking, saying that this person was too sincere.

I laughed when hearing it. She told her that you Lao Jiang was a wax monk.

Sun wax monk is a nickname of an unremarkable monk in modern Chinese Buddhist circle. But I don’t know his real name or legal name.

The wax monk is a temple incense burner, who is responsible for incense and lighting the Buddha statues in the hall. He was born to be dull and honest. Listen to what people say. One day it was “June 6”, and it was a good day to flap clothes and books. Other monks in the Temple wanted to tease him, so they said, “We are all drying things, and the candles you are in charge of also need to take them out for drying.

Really? The wax monk asked aside.

Of course.

So he moved those incense candles to the Sun excitedly.

Where can candles stand the scorching sun and be baked directly. Before night, they turned into stalls of unformed wax mud wax cakes. The old Abbot called the wax Monk to his side and said, how did the candle become like this?

The wax-drying monk said confidently that on June 6, he wanted to sun things. The senior brothers also said that candles should also be exposed to the sun.

The nickname of wax monk comes from this.

Before I finished the story, I saw Jiang’s wife nodded and said, “like, Jiang is just like a wax Monk.

What about the wax Monk later? She asked.

People in the temple even believed everything when they saw the wax monk, and wanted to tease him again. Just say, your understanding is too high, and you can no longer be taught here. It is said that there is an old master named Dixian who is a contemporary eminent monk. You may as well worship him as a teacher.

Sun wax monk letter. As expected, he went to the temple of Dixian and said to the master who received him that according to my understanding, only master Dixian could teach him now. I want to see the Mage.

Upon hearing this, the teacher knew that he was a dull person. It is just because master di Xian once told me that no matter smart or dull, they should be treated equally. They settled him down with a bit of tears and laughter. Arrange him to wash vegetables in the temple kitchen.

After listening to the whole thing, master Dixian knew that the monk was not arrogant or arrogant. He just completely believed what others said. When he was free, he also told Buddhist scriptures to the wax monk.

Although the wax Monk is so stupid that sometimes it takes three or four days to remember a sutra. But one of his valuable points is persistence. A scripture takes three or four days, and a Scripture sometimes takes one year. But he didn’t feel distressed or self-abased. He just listened, remembered, understood, and felt no hurry at all.

Over the past decade, Monk sun wax has learned something. When Master Dixian was not free, he could even speak scriptures to others instead of master Dixian. But he was different from other lecturing teachers. When others finished speaking, they would rest. When he finished speaking, he took off his cassock, changed into old clothes and continued to wash vegetables.

Someone nearby said, “now you are a teacher of Scripture, so you can stop washing dishes.

After all, the dishes still need to be washed. He said. There is no complaint or dissatisfaction.

One day, on the lecture stage, the people below found that the monk who was exposed to wax was silent. Face such as sleep. There was no anxiety or pain.

Story finished. Lao Jiang’s wife was silent for a long time. It seems that she is like me, moved by people like Sun wax monk.

We, living in modern society, have been hard to see a person’s life, so quiet, honest, no doubt, no bully. And in my opinion, no matter monks or vulgar, it is the most perfect realm of life.

Smart people can always get more visible benefits. What people like and admire is always the icing on the cake. This is one of the reasons why the world is becoming more and more materialistic.

However, that clumsy man didn’t have a high IQ, which made him always poor and humble, and he was always at a disadvantage in interpersonal relationships.

But for the world and everything around him, he is a gift of faith and hope. Without Shadow and scheming, his heart was like the scene when the sky was full of Moon, empty and flawless.

Instead, he gained great wisdom.
(Text/Wang Xiaoli)

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