Better meet you miss

Better meet you miss

相见不如怀念I often hear or see a sentence: I can’t forget her. So sad melancholy.

That person once loved you so much and was so suitable for you. If you say a word, she will know the next sentence; If you give a look, she will know what you want.

But now, she is far away without any news or living happily beside another person.

However, it is impossible for us to hide at home all day long and miss this person who has left you painfully. Occasionally, there are suitable people and one or two dates. Life is always going on. Whether considering this person’s heart or her words, it is a good way to keep life going. Of course, some people have tried to turn grief into strength, jump into work, and exhaust themselves to forget. How silly it is. When appropriate, what we need is comfort, care, love and solid support when we are weak.

In one’s life, there will always be more than two loved ones. Maybe one is my favorite, but it doesn’t mean I won’t love others any more. Sometimes, just fear. It is true that you have fallen in love with each other. This person who once made you happy, painful, crazy and entangled. You loved her deeply, treated her sincerely, and left you now. All this is true. Without forgotten. Now, it is inevitable that someone else appears around her or you.

Mo Wenwei sings; Maybe give up to get close to you. If you don’t see you again, you will remember me–

Most of the time, you can’t help calling that person. Please bear it. If you really hit it, please use the tone of greeting, and don’t expect or be confused. If she calls you, please don’t answer or chat with her in the most plain tone. Because few couples can become good friends after breaking up, and it is too difficult to start over. I will cry bitterly and think that the more indifferent she is to you, the more you miss her. Maybe that’s the way people are. But I am so sad.

People often put themselves in a sad situation, and then try their best to make themselves happy. Maybe this is a happy process. But don’t hurt yourself. The wound of the heart will never disappear, but as long as you don’t want to, no one will know. However, the wound of your body is just a mark that cannot be erased, which eventually makes you regret.

Some midnight years later, you will think of this person and smile gently. Yes, there was once someone who made you so happy. Life is changeable, and I am used to leaving unhappiness behind me. It is hard for you to forget those precious happy times for you. Memories can only be memories forever. Cherish the loved ones around you. If you can’t walk out of memories, then I can only leave you, forever.

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