Men are like wine, women are like smoke

A woman is like a cigarette. Without burning, she can’t show her fragrance and beauty.
Women are like smoke, and every time they burn, they are a sad song of life.
Invest once, fragrance once, flame once, just like destruction once.
The continuation of life is burning in the Halo again and again, and the ending of being hurt is the beginning of another story.
When the tobacco is gone, the smoke is gone, and the romance of women is far away from the dust.
Women are like smoke. Only when there is always fire can her passion and brilliance be ignited.

Men are like wine, like transparent and clear strong white wine.
Almost strong, burning and fragrant alcohol.
At first glance, it was as calm and clear as clean water, with nothing, and it was hard to distinguish between good and bad.
Men such as wine, the longer the more alcohol, the longer the more valuable.
Men are like wine, and the degree of the bottle surface cannot measure the real feeling.
You have to drink it yourself to find out his depth.
A man is like wine. He has no excellent capacity to drink and no determination. Don’t touch him easily. The hurt and sadness after getting drunk is definitely not something that everyone can afford.
A man is like wine. A sip of it can make you drunk for a few minutes, and it can make you feel sad if you are addicted. Whether a drunk can really make you happy, and whether people will melt into sorrow at night without turning into tears.
Men are like wine, however, there are a large number of quiet drinkers and drinkers who taste good wine, but they are always women……

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