Plain is the real life

All things can be false, only life is the most real. People who keep talking about love may not understand love. Love is not sweet words or pledges of love. Love is the understanding, tolerance and mutual help and support in real life. Love is a careful care in life and a support and support on the road of life again and again. Everyone hopes that his life will give off a dazzling Halo, and he hopes that he will have an extraordinary life, make amazing achievements in his career, and have an earthshaking love. But when all the Halo disappeared, what was left was the original state of life. Life is just daily necessities, and life is just to finish every day in a plain way. The daily work and rest time remains the same, and the same thing is repeated every day. Even the mood of every day will not change a lot. However, people who live together, no matter they respect each other or quarrel endlessly, there is always mutual care and love between two people in plain life.

In the real and plain life, all sweet words and all pledges of love seem unnecessary. People who are eager to hear these words are also a little confused. After all, the length of life is out of proportion to the length of the pledge of love. Only plain life is real life, and only true care and greetings are true love. Sweet words are out of date, and pledges of love cannot reach the end of the mountain. Only emotions accumulated in ordinary life will not pass. The process of living together for a long time is a process of emotional accumulation, it is also a process of plain accumulation, but it is in these plain days that people living together accumulate more and more love and care. Their hearts are filled with each other’s life, as well as each other’s emotions and concerns.

It turned out that I thought there would be no happiness in a poor life. How could there be happiness in people who live together and work hard for their livelihood all day long? What they are looking for in their busy life is the capital of life, and what they are looking for is the fund of eating and dressing. They have no time and mood to consider what happiness is. But now I find that even a poor life can find a feeling of happiness as long as they pretend each other in their hearts. As long as you love each other and work hard together and live a poor life together, it is also a kind of happiness. Happiness and love are two people going through wind and rain together, going through poverty and living a plain and simple life together.

A few days ago, I saw a couple of old couples who were pushing cars, singing and performing, asking for money and living in the most prosperous downtown of the city. I felt a burst of sadness and pain in my heart. I haven’t felt this for a long time. But this kind of life is so touching.

When having breakfast in the morning, looking at a young couple selling chaos, they felt that they were living in a happy feeling. Although life was not very good, they went through the days of love and care together, that is a kind of happiness. They don’t have a comfortable living environment. They just live a very ordinary life and live a plain life. However, the days that they rely on each other are full of warm sunshine and spring.

My father and mother are such people. They Pretend each other in their hearts, care about each other, experience every change in life together, and face every difficulty in life together. Welcome the sunrise together, and send away the sunset glow together. Running around the edge of life together, working together for home and family. For them, as long as they are together, they will find the dependence of life. They are the dependence of each other’s hearts and the traction of each other’s life.

There are many fathers and mothers all over the world. They help each other and live a plain life, but they have the source of happiness. They regard each other as partners and comrades in life.

Life is very complicated, but actually it can also be very simple. Life is not afraid of plain days, but the feeling of life is not real. Life is not afraid of difficult days, I am afraid that there is no true feeling. People with simple thoughts live a simple life, which is a kind of happiness. However, once thoughts become complicated, they will not be satisfied with the real life. They always pursue a higher and better life level and want to have more emotionally, at this time, the troubles of life will follow. It is difficult for people who live too well to have a pure emotion. Even if they live together, they cannot really think about each other.

Life does not need a gorgeous coat or sweet words. What life needs is to live through every day in a plain way. Life is that two people worry about everything in life together, Rush and even quarrel. Life means that two people support each other on the difficult road of life together. They don’t care about the results, but only care about the days when they live together.

Life needs real and plain, and does not need false and gorgeous. -My Little

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