Twenty moments of happiness

Happiness is to wake up in the morning and see a stream of sunshine falling to the pillow. You don’t have to get up in a hurry. You can hide in the bed and listen to your mother’s busyness in the kitchen. Soon the smell of poached eggs permeated the whole room.

Happiness is the evening when walking on the first stage of the Chinese lantern in a white cotton dress, a long-lost old song just rings when passing a video store. So I stopped and listened to the song. Many beautiful and distant memories gradually became clear in my mind.

Happiness is a plain weekend, when you meet the person who first fell in love at the corner of the street, there is not much to say, just politely asking him if he can be safe and sound, then introduce him to the person who has been standing beside me and holding my hand.

Happiness is sitting cross-legged on the bed after dinner, knitting a light blue scarf one by one, thinking about the way he wore the scarf — it must be like a bear, so he couldn’t help laughing out.

Happiness is someone accompanying me out to have a big meal when I am happy, someone patting my shoulder and passing a cup of warm coffee when I am sad, and when I am hesitant, I sometimes illuminate my direction like a lighthouse, when I was tired, I found that someone had been waiting silently not far away.

Happiness is reading a good book under the light alone in the dead of night. A sentence I read accidentally touches the slender nerve in my heart. I accidentally raise my head and find the orange light softly covering the room.

Happiness is the occasional smell of flowers along the road in spring. In summer, I sit by the seaside in bright T-shirts to watch the tide rising and falling. In autumn, I walk on the street full of French phoenix trees and feel a little sad in my heart, standing on the roadside to eat steaming baked sweet potatoes when snow falls in winter.

Happiness is working overtime late at night. When I went back to my home downstairs, I looked up and saw the window in the living room still showing a little light.

Happiness is reading on the bench in the park. A rubber ball rolled to the foot, picked it up and gave it back to the chubby little boy who followed him. Then he heard his crisp saying, “Thank you, sister.”

Happiness is when we get together with college classmates, we sit together and recall every tiny and moving plot in the past four years, pour out the pride and frustration of real life, and discuss the love story happening around us…… Speaking of excitement, everyone laughed unscrupulously.

Happiness is to sit in the classroom again after working for a long time, watching the white-haired professor on the platform preach and teach to solve doubts. When he lowered his head and took notes, he seemed to return to a peaceful afternoon in his college days.

Happiness is that when crossing the road with him, he held my hand tightly; It was sitting behind his old bicycle, shaking his legs and seeing the wind blowing his short hair.

Happiness is to receive a phone call from a friend who hasn’t contacted for a long time when they are lonely, and they talk on the phone for an hour and a half.

Happiness is to sit in front of the computer in a small floral pajamas at night and write articles. My father reads newspapers in the living room, with a cup of soaked Biluochun in front of him; My mother is watching TV plays, and she also makes comments from time to time; the Cat “fur” curled up in one corner of the sofa and slept soundly.

Happiness is to see Milan planted by myself on the balcony in the morning shyly blooming golden flowers; It is to find that pair of “missing” leather shoes under the bed during the cleaning; I just watched my grandmother fall asleep slowly sitting in the rocking chair, covered with the plaid shawl I gave her.

Happiness means being praised by leaders at work. After coming out of the director’s office, he breathed a long breath and then made a gesture of victory exaggeratedly.

Happiness is to see a blind musician playing a flute on the roadside. The melodious flute makes people linger on, so he takes out all his change. When he turns around and leaves, his steps become brisk.

Happiness is that I was troubled by nightmares in the middle of the night. I woke up with sweat and found that the pillow towel was wet. The Moonlight flowed in through the window quietly like water.

Happiness is to read the previous diary, thinking of the joy and annoyance I had experienced in the youth, the purity and foolishness I used to be, and the name that made me excited. Closing the diary, I couldn’t help smiling at the corner of my mouth.

Happiness is to collect every bit of life with heart. Whether it is bitter or sweet, it will be regarded as the scenery of life as a traveling bag, and then continue on the road with a more relaxed and unrestrained mind.

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