How to manage your love and marriage well

How to manage your love and marriage well

如何经营好自己的爱情和婚姻In the morning, little Li Mei said to me with a painful face, “Sister, I really want to die! It’s too boring to live.” I immediately asked her what happened with concern? She choked with sobs and couldn’t say anything. The other two sisters told me her misfortune. It turned out that Xiao Li’s husband worked in a bank. Recently, he often didn’t go home after work. He played mahjong outside and didn’t return all night. He didn’t want to stay at home even if he had a rest because he went back to his hometown. Last night, Xiao Li saw that her husband didn’t go home, and cried alone again. Today, she was dizzy. She quarreled with her husband for many times and wanted to divorce. She said she was willing to find a man sweeping the floor, as long as she loved her and could accompany her to do housework, walk, sleep and care about her.

How to keep your family from breaking up? How to manage your love life?

I once read a magazine that a daughter who was about to get married asked her mother, “How do I manage my love after my mother gets married?” Mother held a handful of sand from the ground with her hands without saying anything. At that time, the sand in her hands was full and piled up into hills. Mother clenched her hands into fists, and immediately the sand fell down from every finger seam. There was little sand left in her hands. At this time, my mother said, “Love tends to run more when you hold it tightly. On the contrary, it will make you very satisfied and happy.” What the old man said is very reasonable. This is often the case between couples. The more you force it, the less you may get it. It is your things that can’t be lost even if you don’t force them. If you don’t force them, they will run away.

A smart woman would put her husband’s feelings in the first place. Even if he did something wrong, she would choose the right time to persuade her gently. Give your spouse a proper space and scale, isn’t it said that distance produces beauty? If you manage your man too tightly all day long, he will have rebellious mentality. A family is a love Bank. This bank can be the chairman of both men and women. Whether it is flourishing or on the verge of bankruptcy depends on how the two operate? As long as two people care carefully, the bank’s assets will increase year by year. On the contrary, it will become increasingly exhausted.

Since they formed a family bank, they had to manage it well, let alone there were children and old people in this family. The secret of managing love lies in constant savings. Whether it is a high-ranking official, a working class, or a laid-off job; Whether it is a newly married Yan ER, or an old wife, they should not underestimate the savings of love. Even if we don’t know each other when we get married, as long as we deposit more and withdraw less, we can accumulate a wealth; Even if we get married like paint, glue and vigour, if we can’t make ends meet, our husband will be eaten up.

If they had a quarrel, you would spend a small sum of money. If you can give each other a little tenderness and consideration in time, you can make up for this sum of money. If no one cares about such expenditure, spending is endless, and this small expenditure will also become a big hole. If one side has an affair, this is a big expense. Even if the other side doesn’t know it for a while, it seems that it doesn’t appear on the book, and it will happen sooner or later; Once the other side knows, then we have to go through the “financial crisis”, or we may lose everything.

A century-old enterprise needs to take every step well. A hundred years of couples need to take every step better. Saving love needs to be accumulated into thousands of miles, and trickle into rivers. Even if it is a small income, you should also strive for it. Even if it is a small expenditure, you should not take it out easily. Sticking to it is considerable wealth. Especially when facing the big test and expenditure like “roadside wild flowers”, Lover’s secret, dancing-female, three-accompany, we should be more cautious. Don’t let your bank break down or be merged by others because of a muddle.

Is it because marriage has no emotional foundation? Is it because the former lovers no longer love each other? No! There are traditional virtues of the Chinese nation in our bones. “Home” is still a “harbor” that many people can hardly give up “.

In this case, why would there be so many people who left for their families and separated from each other?

This is probably due to our wrong understanding of marriage life. I thought that marriage was living at home, and “Men are outside, women are inside” was a basic mode of marriage life. I think marriage is to give up my private life, and just round around the small circle of “home……

In fact, love needs investment, marriage needs more management. Love needs romance, marriage needs more embellishment in the ordinary; Love needs understanding, marriage needs more tolerance. Marriage is not a business. But it also needs to be run like a business. When love goes through love and reaches the Palace of marriage, those fervent words, intimate language and mutual mystery are slowly disappearing. It is replaced by the ordinary little days.

Daily necessities such as rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar have become the main melody of daily life; Parents-in-law, parents-in-law, seven aunts and eight aunts have become the “third party” in the “world of two people”. We can’t avoid or avoid these in marriage.

The contradiction in the world of two people may have quarrels because of who buys food and cooks; The Cold War may occur because of one “bad behavior” in front of the other’s parents and relatives; they may be suspicious of each other because of a classmate or colleague party. Feelings gradually alienated in quarrels, cold wars and suspicions. Marriage Goes to death step by step in quarrels, Cold War and suspicion.

If the lover is not willing to do housework, can’t we understand that the lover is caused by too tired work? At this time, can’t we take the initiative to do more?

If the lover is in a bad mood, he does not show his due filial piety in front of the old, and does not show his enthusiasm in front of relatives and friends. Why can’t we understand that the other party has no place to vent their troubles outside? You know, home is the safe haven of life! At this time, do we do more explanation work in front of our old people, relatives and friends?

If we regard doing housework as a kind of enjoyment, pay attention to each other, understand each other, tolerate each other and help each other as our due responsibility, manage love and remember each other’s birthday, occasionally send a bunch of flowers and write a marriage diary as a kind of daily life, trying every means to add some romance and care to the marriage life. Then, our marriage life will add a lot! Love comes from every moment, every aspect and every bit of daily life, a gentle love word, a cup of warm tea, a thoughtful humor, a concession in a dispute…… Only by carefully managing the flowers of love can they become more and more colorful.

Please believe that no matter how the world changes. Marriage and love are still the oldest and most beautiful stories! As long as we have more responsibility, love each other, tolerate each other, bear more suffering, less blame and less escape. Be more passionate about life, more passionate about feelings, and more tolerant about marriage. If we manage the emotional world in marriage with our heart, we will be able to hold hands with our loved ones and grow old with them!

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