If there is a next life, I will be a woman

If there is a next life, I will be a woman

A good attitude creates a good life. -Notes

如果有下辈子,我还要做女人I often hear my friends sigh with emotion: it is not good to be a woman, such as the days of each month, but also to complete the mission of a woman…… And I think it is very good to be a woman, and it is 100% from the heart. I swear to God: it is really good to be a woman!

Be a woman really good! Women have the most beautiful colors: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, light green, purple…… You can dress up beautifully, proudly, and compete for beauty……

Be a woman really good! Women have a lot of names: Beautiful is called beauty, not beautiful is called temperament; Talented is called talented woman, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have talent, you can call it Lady-a woman without talent is virtue. Thin the called Slim, fat called plump; High call slim, short called small and exquisite. A good temper is called gentleness, a bad temper is called poignant; A smirk is called Sunshine, a frowned face is called Leng Yan; A lively one is called looking forward to brightness, and a reserved one is called poignant and generous. Make-up is called charming and moving, while if you don’t make-up, it is clear water and Lotus; If you wear it neatly, it is called solemn and gorgeous, and if you wear it casually, it is called natural and unrestrained. Young is called youth and beauty, while old is called maturity and touching; People who chase are mostly called Stars holding the moon, and no one dares to chase is called ao Xue Frost; People who earn money are called pursuing independence, while those who do not earn money are called sacrificing for their home; having more children is called Mother’s greatness, and not having children is called responding to the national plan; Those who do not go out at home every day are called virtuous, and those who do not go out every day are called women’s rights; Those who never divorce are called emotional single-minded, those who often divorce are called Pursuing happiness; Those who are nagging are called giving good advice, Derogatory bullying is called “Sassy Girl”; Just like a man, it is called not to let the eyebrows, but to let the man give priority to the woman; The woman who looks like a woman is called feminine, it doesn’t look like a woman-it doesn’t matter, it’s called “Super Girl”, and it’s hot..

Be a woman really good! The whole life of a woman is beautiful: the beauty of a beautiful child; The beauty of youth, the mature beauty of all kinds of amorous feelings, and the deep beauty of silver silk around the temples. The different beauty reflected by these different ages makes the connotation of women’s beauty more colorful.

It’s good to be a woman!.

If there is a next life, I will be a woman:

I don’t have to have a devil figure, but I will be full of confidence;
I don’t have to have a famous brand, but I will dress neatly and brightly every day.
You don’t have to have a beautiful appearance, it is just an unreal coat, but you must be elegant and comfortable. I will greet every dawn with a smile and send the sunset to the West!
I don’t have to live an elegant and luxurious life. I am willing to seek the indifference in the ordinary life and enjoy the real happiness in the plain life!

I still have to take a leisurely job, not for making money, just because I like it. It can make me reflect my own value, and I need to work hard to get others’ recognition, but I must never try my best for it. There are still many hobbies that deserve my attention after work.

I want to make my life full of poetic painting. Go to work during the day and enjoy life after work: at dusk, take a walk in the park by the roadside, or go to the seaside to see the ebb and ebb, or sit in the courtyard to see the flowers bloom and fade, enjoy all these with your lover and enjoy the intoxicating happiness; Open the curtain on the night with the moon, let the moonlight like water pour in, open the imaginary wings to the moon; Make a cup of coffee, or a cup of green tea, listening to your favorite songs, lazy yourself in the sofa; Relax every nerve, you can think anything, you can think nothing; step on the beating notes one by one to clean up the house. Light the incense burner and drip the lavender essential oil that you like to smell. Turn on the computer, chat with friends, or stroll on the Internet, look at the boss and the West. On weekends, I asked some friends to play ball games and kk songs. When the weather is good, we will go sightseeing together; When we go to the outdoor hot spring, the moisture and smoke will curl up from the hot hot spring, Wanruo placed herself in a fairyland, soaked her body in the water lazily, and let her heart rise with the fog. She closed her eyes and put her flying wings on her mind. She imagined herself in the deep valley of no one and on the island with birds and flowers, that is extremely beautiful, “where feet can’t reach, eyes can reach, where eyes can’t reach, spirit can go back and forth” in short, create a happy mood for yourself, have a good attitude and be a happy and beautiful woman.

I want to find a lover who can understand my heart. He is healthy, upward and optimistic. Money is not the link between me and him, as long as it can give me a happy nest. Rose is not the best way for him to express his feelings. I just need to see a word from his eyes-love; And I have no regrets in this life.

I will give my lover my tender feelings like water, and I am willing to do everything for him to make him happy. I want to watch the ups and downs of the tide with him. The clouds are rolling and the clouds are comfortable. I want to snuggle up in my lover’s arms and fall asleep sweetly.

I want to give my child my water-like maternal love, prepare delicious meals for her on time every day, see her eating sweetly, and often praise me: “Mom, why is your cooking so delicious?!” My heart is very happy. I want to help review homework, watching children 1.1 drops of progress, heart very satisfied and proud.

I want to show my elders filial piety like water. I go back to accompany them every weekend, one week with my parents, one week with my parents-in-law, take a walk and talk with them. There may be contradictions, quarrels, and each other is very angry, but I will not leave with anger. I will communicate and communicate with them calmly. I will always be their good daughter and wife, and they will always be my favorite elders.

In this way, you will gain a lot and stay beautiful!

It is said that people who love fantasy are relatively young. That life was so imaginary, be a forever young woman.

Do women really good! I am lucky: I am a woman.

If there is a next life, I will be a woman! Paper: water jiao yang

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