There is a virtue-encouragement

A barber brought an apprentice. After the apprentice cut the hair for the first customer, the customer looked in the mirror and said, “the hair is too long.” Apprentice not language. The master smiled aside and explained, “the long hair makes you seem implicit, which is called hidden.” The customer went away happily. After the disciple cut the hair for the second customer, the customer looked in the mirror and said, “the hair is cut too short.” Apprentice speechless. The master smiled and explained, “short hair makes you look spirited, simple and kind.” The customer was delighted to go. After the disciple cut the hair for the third customer, the customer smiled, “it takes a long time.” Apprentice silent. The master explained with a smile, “it is necessary to spend more time for the ‘Leader’. Haven’t you heard that you are a scholar with white flour when you enter the door?” The customer laughed and went away. After the Disciple finished the haircut for the fourth customer, the customer smiled, “the problem will be solved in 20 minutes.” Apprentice overwhelmed. The master answered immediately, “Now time is money, and ‘Top kungfu ‘is quick, which wins you time and money.” Customer laughter took leave.

Night. The Apprentice asked the master timidly, “I didn’t do the right thing once. Why do you always speak for me?”

The master smiled generously, “Yes, everything contains duality, right and wrong, advantages and disadvantages. There are two reasons why I encourage you in front of customers: for customers, it is to please others, because everyone likes to listen to good words. For you, it is both encouragement and encouragement. Everything is difficult at the beginning. I hope you can do your work more beautiful in the future.” His apprentice was deeply moved. From then on, he studied more and more hard and his skills became more and more exquisite.

Encourage. Teachers encourage students to work harder. The elder encourages the younger generation, and the younger generation becomes more filial. The superior encourages the subordinates, and the subordinates double their duties. The boss encourages employees, who are especially dedicated. Husband and wife encourage each other, family harmony, happy marriage…… People raise the sail of life in encouragement, enjoy the joy of success in encouragement and create miracles in encouragement. Encouraging others is not only the art of life but also the virtue of being a human being. The people who are encouraged are grateful, which is the best reward for the encouragement.

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