Sadness is a kind of beauty

Brilliance is a kind of beauty, solitude is a kind of beauty, bustle is a kind of beauty, and sadness is also a kind of beauty, a kind of inner emotion is the most real expression, A kind of emotion is the most natural and real display of a different kind of beauty.

In fact, everyone’s life is not perfect, so there will be more or less sad times in everyone’s life. Sadness is a kind of inexplicable sorrow of the soul and a touching beauty.

In fact, in life, sadness is not because of unhappiness, nor because of unhappiness. However, a piece of sad music, a piece of sad words, a sad picture and a touching scene will bring slight sadness to my heart quietly.

Often, with a sensitive heart, I walked along the ups and downs all the way, through the deep worries forgotten by the broken family of the Southern Tang dynasty, through the gentle and graceful sadness, and into the beautiful and desolate drinking words of Nalan, beautiful and sad stories one by one, lines of sentimental and affectionate words, and feelings of sorrow and hatred in spring and autumn all show a kind of sadness that cannot be touched, and this kind of sadness, however, it also touched the sentimental Hearts one after another, making the deep and unforgettable, light or continuous sadness slowly and slowly immerse into the heart and lungs, enriching the pale life, the beauty of life is real.

Often, I like to listen to sad music again and again in quiet afternoon or silent night, read sad words again and again, quietly, and give my heart to this sadness, immerse yourself in sadness, think in sadness, and experience another kind of real beauty in sadness..

I like such a kind of sadness, and I like to retreat silently in the corner of the quiet night, abandoning all the trifles. In such a sad mood, I can calm down my mind, sort out the numerous thoughts quietly, and then, release some deep or light sadness in life with the words in the pen, and let that kind of heartbeat or heartache feel, in sadness, it is quiet, spreading and blooming into a kind of ultimate beauty.

I like this kind of sadness. I like listening to the rain alone by leaning against the window, watching the rain dancing lightly, listening to the sound of the rain ticking softly, holding the floating coldness with both hands, and a slight sadness will also come out softly, it was so pleasant and comfortable to be intoxicated in such a lonely tranquility.

I like this kind of sadness, and I like walking in the bleak autumn wind and leaves. With the last sadness after the leaves follow the wind, my mood also lingers in sadness, and my heart smoke also follows that sadness, in the wind, floating.

I like this kind of sadness, I like to be moved by some people and things, I like to be filled with thoughts by these emotions and enjoy them; I like some sad songs, I like to immerse myself in the sad melody. Sadness has such elusive magic and incomparable beauty.

Sadness is actually an innate emotion.

I like this kind of sadness, just like it, just intoxicated, not addicted. I like to face sadness and release my inner troubles in the way I like; I like to appreciate sadness and experience a little bit of ups and downs in sadness. Sadness is neither painful nor deliberately creating sadness; Sadness is just an attitude of life and the most real expression of emotion.

It is said that “optimism is a kind of beauty”. In fact, sadness is also a kind of beauty, the truest and purest beauty, and the beauty of calm after a strong wind, it is a kind of tranquil beauty after Experience, a kind of sentimental beauty, and a kind of mature beauty! Only when you understand sadness and sadness can you have the most abundant emotion, the warmest emotion and the kindest mood. Sadness is the green leaf in life, which often embellishes the beauty of life inadvertently.

Sadness, though a little sad, a little painful and a little lonely, still interprets the wonderful fragments of life with its unique beauty in life and life.

With sadness, cherish sadness. On the road of life, emotions will be rich and colorful, and life will be exquisite and beautiful!

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