Kind · rich · Noble

Kind · rich · Noble

善良·丰富·高贵If I am a philosopher in the past and came to today’s world, what would I miss most? It must be these six words: kind, rich, Noble.

Seeing that the hospital refused to accept the poor who could not afford the expensive medical expenses, seeing that the merchants sold fake medicines and fake food, causing acute and chronic deaths; Seeing frequent mine accidents, the mine owners exchanged workers’ lives for high profits; seeing many murders happening every day, I was shocked by the indifference of my heart, so I missed kindness.

Kindness, the sympathy of life for life, what an ordinary quality, seems to be rare today. Kindness is the initial and final boundary to distinguish good people from bad ones.

Seeing that many people today take satisfying material desire as their only goal in life, and their whole life consists of making money and spending money. I am shocked by the poverty of people’s hearts, so I miss abundance.

Rich, the growth, flowering and fruiting of human spiritual ability are the highest enjoyment given by God to the spirits of all things. Why do people abandon them as if they are in trouble? The gift from God is originally fair, and everyone’s nature contains spiritual needs. How did those people who always toss in the utilitarian world, those who never know the spiritual happiness such as thinking, reading, solitude, art appreciation and spiritual creation fail to live up to the gifts given by God, no matter how rich they are, what a poor life they have spent.

Seeing that some people do anything to betray their dignity in order to obtain money and power without shame, and then insult others’ dignity without scruple depending on the money and power they have obtained, I was shocked by the despicable souls of these people, so I missed nobility.

Nobility was once the most valued value of many times, which was regarded as more important than life. Now it seems that few people mention it. Some people today are like this. They don’t know what dignity is, don’t treat others as human beings, bully and insult arbitrarily, but the root is that they don’t treat themselves as human beings, in fact, you can’t see any character in him. The characteristic of a noble person is that he respects others very much, and his self-esteem is thus fully reflected. Human soul should be noble, and human should be a spiritual aristocrat.

I heard philosophers of all ages calling to today’s people: Man, you must have a kind heart, a rich soul and a noble soul, so that you can be worthy of the title of man, you are living in the world as a real person.

Kind, rich, Noble — the quality that makes people miss, the quality of human being, I expect more people to have them today.
(Text/Zhou Guoping)

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