To forgive others means to free yourself.

A friend of mine has been living in anger, depression, hatred and pain for so many years.

In fact, it is just a small thing. My friend and his classmates graduated from college together and went to a company for trial. They were brothers who talked about everything. Before that, they were as close as brothers.

They visited a big client together and almost made a big business. I have already had a preliminary intention to sign the contract the next day. Friends and his classmates were very excited, drinking and celebrating in the dormitory. As a result, my friend got drunk and slept until the next morning. After waking up, he found his classmate disappeared. I didn’t know until I went to the company that his classmates signed the business in advance when he was drunk. Of course, all the contributions belong to my classmates alone.

Friend level with him. The other side argued that he was not at ease after drinking, so he planned to settle the contract overnight. I wanted to go with him, but I called him for half an hour without waking him up. Friends certainly don’t believe it, but what’s the use? Because of that big business, my friend’s classmate was promoted and always worked as a department manager; While my friend had been a small salesman in the company for a long time.

My friend accepted the fact, continued to work hard, and got promoted one year later. But he just can’t forgive that classmate. He completely broke up with his classmates and refused to go to any occasion where his classmates were there. He told me that as long as he saw that face, he was so angry that he could hardly control himself. He was anxious to smash that face flat.

He said that he could tolerate everything, but he could not tolerate meanness; He could forgive anyone, but he could not forgive this classmate.

Later, his friend’s classmates found him many times and apologized to him. But my friends always ignore the apology from classmates. In fact, my friend was not happy either, even though he was promoted to department manager. However, in the same company, no matter how careful it is, it is inevitable that we will encounter each other unexpectedly. At this time, my friend would turn his head to one side and his face was livid. Even if he was still laughing a second ago.

My friend said he felt uncomfortable. Originally, it was his classmate who made mistakes, and it should be that classmate who would be punished by the soul. How did he finally become himself? And it has lasted for several years?

I told him, because you have too much hate. If one person has hatred for another person, then you will be unhappy.

What about me? My friend said, “Do you want me to forgive him?

Why not? In fact, over the past few years, you have been enlarging a kind of hatred, and when a kind of hatred is infinitely enlarged in your heart, it becomes deeply rooted. You think, the heart is filled with hatred, where is happiness? If you forgive him for his fault, it is also a relief for you.

Although my friend held a skeptical attitude towards my words, he still tried to communicate with his classmate the next day. As a result, years of accumulated grievances were cleared away, and they became friends again. Because there was no need to avoid a colleague deliberately, my friend’s business went smoothly and was promoted again.

My friend said, maybe my words are right. Because his classmate was not as despicable as he had always thought. A few years ago, maybe it was because he drank too much, maybe it was because his classmates were young and ignorant, but anyway, he decided to forgive him. He said that his purpose was not noble. -If you forgive him, you will be free of yourself. Why not?  

Yes. To forgive others means to free yourself. Why not?

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