Confession of joy

In the hustle and bustle of the world, we often forget our hearts. Maybe there are too many difficulties and temptations in modern society, too many obstacles and too many opportunities, too many losses and too many possibilities. We are congested and have no breath; Those fame and fortune, honor, disgrace, gain and loss, right and wrong are all Strider that affect us. In this way, if you are muddling around all day long or busy in high spirits, how can you take into account the invisible soul in our body?

Everyone has two self: one is external, social and shapeless; The other is inner and essential true self, which is the soul. The two themselves need to talk. If they are isolated for too long, they will last for a long time. What remains is only a self running around the Earth and alienated by the society.

This soul is hidden deep in our life. It is the core of our life. Once facing it, you will feel that this world is easy to feel, affectionate, spiritually and secluded. This is our unique world. Here, all social experiences are transformed into life experiences, all past events that have gone like smoke are remembered as new and still alive here, and all joys and sorrows are transformed into unforgettable poems…… And those unspeakable secrets are well preserved, treasured and sealed here.

If you keep yourself, you will protect your integrity; If you keep your own secrets, you will save your own life content. The soul is an umbrella to avoid the wind and rain in the world, a confessional to wash yourself and purify your soul, the only space to relive your life, and your dreamland……

However, it also needs to speak. I can’t stand the permanent closure, self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-comfort forever. It will break through the fence and expose the “real and essential self” to the world; Or open a gap to reveal the scenery locked in it and closed for too long; Or expect an intruder, let the soul experience a storm full of vitality……

Soul craved confession—

Human art originated from this. This is also the reason why the real artistic creation is full of pleasure. If art rejects the confession of the soul, not only does it lack impact force, but also the creation process becomes a boring suffering.

Artistic creation is a process of life transformation, that is, to present the most profound life-soul with posture and vitality. This process is catharsis, pouring out, whispering, shouting, and how happy the creation is! So I said:

“For an artist, the most important thing is not the way of existence, but his way of life.” Let the soul be natural, and art will gain life.
(Text/Feng Jicai)

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