What can be changed is the attitude

A wife invited a painter to paint the wall at home.

As soon as the painter entered the door, seeing her husband’s blindness, he immediately showed his pitiful eyes. But the male host was always optimistic, so the painter worked there for several days, and they talked very speculatively; The painter never mentioned the shortcomings of the male host.

After finishing the work, the painter took out the bill, and the wife found that there was a big discount than the agreed price.

She asked the painter, “Why do you count so much less?”

The painter replied, “I feel very happy with your husband. His attitude towards life makes me feel that my situation is not the worst. So the part I subtracted could be regarded as a little gratitude to him, because he made me not take work too hard!”

The painter’s praise for her husband made her cry, because this generous painter had only one hand.

Attitude is like a magnet. Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, we are all pulled by it. And thoughts are like wheels, which make us move in a specific direction. Although we can’t change our life, we can change our outlook on life. Although we can’t change the environment, we can change our mind. We can’t adjust the environment to fully adapt to our own life, but the attitude can be adjusted to adapt to all environments.

After all, your life is not completely determined by what happens in your life; It is determined by your own attitude towards life and your heart’s attitude towards things.

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