All good man

Is the distinction between good people and bad people relative or absolute? That is to say, is it compared, or is human beings originally divided into good people and bad people?

If you can choose, will everyone choose to be a good person?

When I was young, there was a very popular foreign movie called Warriors on TV, which played the war between the US Army and the German army. Every dusk, the boys nearby gathered together to play the game of warriors. Most of the boys wanted to be good people, that is, to play the US Army. Only the cousin volunteered to be the German Army which made people gnash their teeth, I asked him why, and he said, “there are a lot of people playing in the US Army. As long as they are found and shot, they will die and can’t play any more. But I was the only one who played in the German army. If I died, I could play in another German army, until all the US troops died.”

In order to play a few more times, I would rather be a bad person. In real life, is it the same?

No wonder all the bad guys in the TV series died at last. He was alive, proud, and arrogant in order to let others play more good people. When he began to go downhill in bad luck, the play was almost over.

Most people hope and also think that they are good people? In private, people may also feel that good people are very hard, but they don’t have the ability to do evil, so they have to continue to be kind people.

In fact, good people also have the horror of good people, especially those with high moral standards. It is easy to see “bad guys” and also feel that there are many “bad guys.

A friend said that he didn’t teach children to be good people. As long as they did what they should do, he thought that people would be happy and satisfied if they did what they should do. For example, to help others, if a child thinks that the person who helps others is a good person, then when he meets someone who refuses or cannot help him, he will regard him as a bad person. But let the child know that helping others is taken for granted, he will not be self-righteous, and he can still get happiness from helping others, and meet people who don’t help him, he would only regret that the other party didn’t get such joy.

The reason of friends is: if people understand what should be done and do it, they will not do what should not be done, which will make people better.

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