The boy who made paper lottery

If one wishes himself, then the blessings he has are only his own; But if everyone wishes all the people in the world, then he also has the blessings of all the people in the world. -Notes

At the age of eighteen, when I finished reading English literature with the dream of inheriting Shakespeare’s clothes, I found that I had to consider the life of “people die for money, birds die for food. Although I hadn’t graduated at that time, in order to stay in New York without going back to the farm in Nevada, I had to go back and forth to every company to recommend myself, but the final result made me have to go back to school to continue studying hard. Although I know how many doctors of literature are living on relief funds in New York and how many first-class painters are performing on the streets of Chicago for a living, for many college students, they dare not graduate without finding jobs, at least, you can be supported by various generous scholarships and low-interest loans in school-literature is literature, which is much better than wandering on the streets.

At that time, “Chinese fever” prevailed in America, and I was also involved in this wave like people of different skin colors. Although my level at that time was equal to that of Chinese primary school students, many people were eliminated after passing the pass and passed the first round of examination luckily. I finally received the interview notice in the waiting days after that. It was also on the day of the interview that I got acquainted with the boy who was destined to meet in his life and made paper lottery.

That day, I came to the Hall of East Asian language department confidently in the formal dress I was going to wear at the university graduation ceremony, and encountered another nine people who had never met before but might have stuck my neck: english-speaking, Spanish-speaking; White, black, and men who were brownish red by the sunshine on the west coast, women and the only Asian boy mixed with blond hair-no one knows anyone, and no one takes the initiative to strike up a conversation, because everyone knows the truth of “speaking too much will lose, you are likely to expose your fatal weakness to your opponent in meaningless greetings. Indeed, if we can reach this step, everyone hopes that we can pass the pass smoothly and everyone may be squeezed out by others. In this competitive society, being eliminated and squeezed out of the game, no one will pity you except blaming yourself for being incompetent, but as long as you succeed, no matter you have ever been a pirate or you have climbed up on others’ shoulders by any means, you will have money, status and honor, just like China’s “The winner is the king, the loser is the Pirate”. — In the face of people who influence their own future and interests, who dares to say that no one among us is cursing each other?

“Hello, my dear friends!” The only Easterner broke the silence surprisingly as if he was going to make a campaign speech. He just wondered why he didn’t say “Ladies and gentlemen”. “I am from China, and it is a great honor to get together with friends from all over the world today. I am very grateful to all of you for your love for China and Chinese culture, at the same time, it is also a pity that four of us have to quit our ranks. Our encounter is so precious. In such a big America and such a big world, maybe there is only one encounter in each other’s life, for the only time in this life, I hope I have the honor to invite you to participate in a game “. — Some sad but sincere and touching words of “the hero will never return”, but who knows what shocking actions he will do? But relaxing in the long waiting and boredom may ease the uneasy mood!

His game is romantic and childish, like gambling, but more like flipping a coin during an exam to guess the answer: let’s choose our own destiny among ten small paper groups that wrote OK or drew skeleton-he even ignored whether someone would refuse his friendship. What will be the result of winning or losing? Those who get the skeleton may be in a mess and scold secretly, while those who get OK will be overjoyed. Of course, some people just smile lightly-it’s just a game, do Chinese people believe in numerals so much? With different moods, strangers from different skin colors and countries gathered together, because the sincerity and smile of this Chinese were irresistible.

Soon we accepted the challenge from professors, but every time we entered a candidate, the rest would sincerely say to him, “Break a leg!”. We love and respect our opponents, and hope they are as good as us. All of this is because each of us has caught the same paper lottery: neither OK nor skeleton, but “Good Luck — More power to you!”

There are several words in China: “Do not do to others what you do not want”, “old me, old people, and old people; Young me, young people, and young people”. I don’t know which sentence is more appropriate here, maybe these words themselves have something similar-I think the word “pushing oneself and others” can be a kind of thought and feeling besides an idiom!

When galloping on the playground, I always hope that my opponent suddenly twisted his legs when sprinting, but on that day I felt a kind of beautiful feeling that affected my whole life: if one wishes himself, then the blessings he has are only his own; But if everyone wishes all the people in the world, then he also has the blessings of all the people in the world.

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