Solitude is also a kind of enjoyment

Solitude is also a kind of enjoyment

独处也是一种享受Living in this noisy world, sometimes you really need to have your own space to stay alone. You can release your mind, think about anything, and think about anything. The beauty of being alone comes along with the beauty of being quiet, the spirit of being clear and the warmth: when one is alone, poverty is rich and loneliness is gentle.

You can stroll to the water, stand in the silent empty, and feel a clear spirit. Keep your heart away from the noisy world, experience the fragrance of flowers silently and listen to the singing of birds. I appreciate the pleasure brought by nature and immerse myself quietly in my imagination. I don’t want anyone to accompany me, but myself. At this time, I am the most real. Look up at the clouds in the sky. Let your heart fly with your boundless thoughts. At this time, the world belongs to me, and I also have the whole world.

You can hold a taste of tea and read a good book lazily in the dense curling. Let yourself read the words about life and emotion in the book in this rare tranquility. At this moment, loneliness has become an ethereal bamboo Xiao, with soft melody flowing quietly. You can be moved by the characters in the book and cry quietly. At this time, I removed the mask of life and returned to my original nature. Without any fake decorations; Or a smile, this smile is also sweet, and it is an unspeakable secret that I have kept in my heart for a long time.

Yes, play a gentle serenade, stay quietly on the bed, and don’t want anything. Only immerse yourself in the atmosphere that is rarely created. Let the body and mind return to their true nature at this moment, and enjoy the rest of my soul brought by music silently. Let Music explain my desire for romance.

Yes, carry a simple traveling bag and go to the place I have been longing for for for a long time. Don’t be with anyone, just go on your own journey. You can be unrestrained and free. Maybe I will roll over a green grassland like a child. Looking for innocence and naughty in childhood. Maybe, I will shout to break this quiet moment. Let the lonely heart get the happiness of release. Growth itself is a kind of pain. It is not easy to be yourself once. Let this alone time be yourself. No one knows you in a strange place. Let the Sunshine fully illuminate my days when I wanted to shout but didn’t shout out! Here, the time of being alone is a wonderful moment!

No matter how heavy life is, we should find this rare silence in the hustle and bustle of the world, give ourselves a little rest in exhaustion, and let ourselves belong to ourselves, let yourself dissect yourself, encourage yourself, and be yourself again……

This is my way to relieve depression and release my body and mind. This is also the incomparable comfort for me to be alone.

Solitude is a beautiful reality! Solitude is a kind of real beauty.
Transferred from du Qianfen’s Enjoy Solitude

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