Lovelorn don’t gaffes

Lovelorn don’t gaffes

失恋别失态Some people say that the reason why women feel the pain of losing love is that they pay too much in their feelings and can’t go back. Some people also say that falling out of love makes people feel like an ulcer growing in the mouth. The more painful it is, the more painful it is to lick it. The more painful it is to lick it, the more painful it is.

What on earth is falling out of love to a woman? Ten women definitely have 10 different feelings. But now women have a more and more consensus on this point-you can’t lose your love. I can lose this man, but I must not lose my judgment of future life because of this man, and I must not lose my expectation and yearning for love because of this relationship, it is absolutely impossible for this man to completely deny his own beauty because of his “no choice.

Beautiful, there are several ways. Silently, I always feel that if a woman can smile, be beautiful and continue when she is in love, this kind of beauty is the eternal beauty.

More and more women are clamoring for “I would rather die Without Love”, but in fact, not every woman’s love goes smoothly. Your close friends, your sworn friends and even yourself may be suffering the blow of losing love. It’s just that “people are in the Arena”, and it is impossible to cry, make trouble and hang up like an old-fashioned woman. Wound not sad? Sad! Not sad? Sad! Yu not depressed? DEPRESSED elite! But women may choose to cry at home at night, and wake up in the morning, they still have to go to the arena fully armed.

Being obsessed with a person is like being possessed by a demon. It can’t help being a smart woman. She will do whatever she wants to empty out all her feelings. The demon is like a nightmare, but the nightmare will wake up one day. Women who are brokenhearted can still live brightly and brightly. As a book written many years ago by pixel said, life is stronger than we expected. She means women.

Even if you are brokenhearted, please be a beautiful woman!

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