The brilliance of life is only because of you

The brilliance of life is only because of you

生命的灿烂只因有你I just want to meet you,
With thousands of years, with thousands of people,
Not earlier, not later,
We met in this way, and there was nothing else to say when we met,
Just a gentle greeting: how are you in this life?
Let me know that it is enough to have you together in this life.
I would like to be a flowering tree on the roadside,
Get a piece of dust in front of the Buddha,
Waiting for you for thousands of years use all the strength to open the most beautiful flower just for the moment you stay.
At this moment, I realized that I am love you so much!
Enough to Unforgettable.

Thousands of times of confusion, thousands of times of mental injury.
Thousands of thoughts have drifted to the past.
The trek is so hard for you,
Thousands of dreams come back.
Even if there is nothing left,
Contrition filled. Is this God’s arrangement,
Rejection is also the stubbornness of life, that is, we have met,
Bear to separation, may each new year permanent dependent

What I said to Yu is your silent words thinking about your mind
In the wind and fog, you stood proudly waiting for the News of fate.
Is there your sincere love in the sunshine? Is there your joyful tears in the dew water?
I have said butterfly, don’t be obsessed with my fragrance any more.
The sun shines its smile to you, your eternal vision
Record this period of love
Embracing each other through the messy space
Every second I miss you more strongly
Change for love in my four seasons

Because of love,
The world becomes so beautiful;
Because of love,
We will feel warm.
I hope everyone’s heart is full of love,
As bright and eternal as sunshine

Maybe you can only get close to you if you give up, and you can only remember me if you don’t see you again
Time accumulates the lonely fragrance in the memory of the fruits of this summer
I will try to leave you and stop thinking about you, although this is not my original intention.
You once said that you would love me forever, maybe chengruo, but I’m not sure. Don’t hide anything with silence.
When the result was so naked that I thought what would you say to leave me
You just turned around and didn’t look at me. Don’t deliberately say that you still love me. Just watch the ups and downs.
Only you remember me. You once said that you would love me forever. Maybe you can bear it, but you are not sure.
No need to be sad, no need to hide anything, the result is so naked, there is no need to say anything
To leave me at least those experiences belong to me maybe give up to get close to me and never see you again
You will remind me of the fragrance of love in the fruit accumulated by time
I thought it left no trace but overflows my missing maybe it represents my heart don’t deliberately say that you still love me
When you see all the ups and downs, only you remember me. If you dream of me, please hold me tight again.

You walk beside me in the cold wind and rain
Accompany me through the deep dark light
Light my heart on the strange road
Your face is shy with red light
The bleak wind and rain are waiting for my mood
Like an infinite lingering cloud floating across the window
Sprinkle your smile readily slip-pendulum
Dissolve my cold heart which has quietly solidified last night
People all know that human feelings are like epiphyllum looming
Floating on the surface of the world of mortals smartly
Between the clouds and rain flashing faces
I see your gentle face is still the same as before
Staring into my eyes in the bleak wind and rain
Look at my sorrow yesterday drifting farther and farther
Turn around with your smile
Don’t worry about my youth, loneliness and passing clouds

No idea of looking
The song that heals the scars in my heart
You gave me the best memory
No agreement, no communication and decision
Hug you, make sure that I won’t come again every day
You waving your hands in your memory,
Can you call my name?  
The glittering tears poured out turned into courage
Life is endless, through the long night to reach tomorrow without doubt
Fly to the sky
In that distant place, how many memories,
Forget all the unfulfilled wishes and dreams.
Is the encounter with you accidental?
Please be sure to come back when parting
Even if I bear the fate of disappearing,
As long as you live, it is enough
Life is endless, forever,
Under that power, wherever you go
Even if I die, as long as you live, it is enough
Life is endless, forever,
Under that power, reach anywhere

Every night
In my dreams
I saw you
I feel you
I know your heart……
Across the space of our hearts
You show me your coming
No matter how far away you are from me
I believe my heart has followed
You open my heart again
You blend into my heart
My heart with you
With you
An unforgettable love
Let’s keep it in mind all our life
Reluctant to lose
Love is the feeling when I love you
I firmly grasp the real moment
In my life
Love endless……
No matter how far away you are from me
I believe my heart go
You knock my heart open
You blend into my heart
My heart with you together
My heart with you
Love is so close to I am
With you at my side
I no fear
I know my heart
With you
We will always go with each other

Through the icy and profound flow of time, I want to give you the flower of my life.
But it drifted away in the water; Pieces went away with the waves, and I only caught the smallest one.
Now I sit alone on the shore, staring at the drowned petals in my palm.
Water drops into the sand along my veins, that is its last tear

How many dreams are calling and flying into the blue sky
How many dreams do you expect? Every ideal will come true
How many innocent smiling faces bloom with moving splendor
How many rumors of love remain in my heart and will not change
How many love miss all the distance is no longer far away
Let’s release our smile with true love forever
When the wish of love comes true slowly
We will have a wonderful tomorrow

In the rainy sky, I think of you
Light, light, but deep
Met you
Let me have the companionship of dreams in the lonely rainy night
As long as you exist, my heart will be warm
In my heart, you are safe and sound
My heart belongs to you
Love endless……

I am still looking forward to the coming of that love
Don’t be loved by loneliness any more
Why do you care how long it will last
“Everlasting and sometimes lasting, some hatred will last forever”
Is this feeling doomed to the loneliness and pain of my whole life?

I am not the Brook under your moon
It is not the ripples in your dream
I am a drop of water accidentally blown to your cheek by the wind
I am a snowflake falling in your palm unintentionally  
Miss each other fluttering in the wind
Raindrops splash heart-to-heart promise
What melted in the snow was the warmth of drunkenness that night.
I have made the same wish to the moon for countless times.
This life is two mountains which are far away from each other
May the afterlife be a grass on your mountain
As long as it can be rooted in your heart
May you be a small flower on your mountain in the next life
As long as you can Romantic your spring
Don’t want to walk in the mountains with heavy burdens
How can I give up waiting forever

Sow the seeds of hope in your plump land, and wait for the harvest of fruits in autumn.
In summer, when your passionate emotion is painted with the color of flame, and when the winter snow falls, you will feel warm.
I am always waiting in the Four Seasons, recalling the past years like water frequently. In This peach blossom forest with flowing water and piano,
Looking forward to a touch between heart and soul, waiting for a beautiful encounter with you,   
Let me welcome your fervent eyes, give you a knowing smile, and then store your sincerity here.
When the four seasons change in the wind and rain, when the time fades day by day in the alternation of day and night,
I believe,
There are traces of the past beauty in our memory.  
When the floating clouds are still wandering in the sky, when the autumn rain is still wet, I will leave my dream in the Peach Blossom Forest,
From then on, I listened to the sound of the string playing the high mountains and flowing water under the moon, and longed for the smile of the peach fairy to constantly surround my dream.
The sound of flowing water soothes my bleak trembling in the wind, and the smile of peach blossom shines on the wet corner of my heart like the sun.
I put memory 1.1 drops into emotional rivers, let these heart-to-heart moved, in wind and flowers in slowly blend.  
I like the peach forest full of flying flowers and the melodious piano.
In the blooming spring season, in the scorching summer, in the long autumn wilderness, in the silent depression in early winter,
I hung all my memories on the window of the long years, making the moonlight like your gentle eyes,
Looking through my lonely mind under the moon. Let every long wind of the past,
Bring along my endless yearning for you and the true feelings that I will never regret in this life.

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