My wife likes her husband snoring at night

More than twenty years ago, I read an article in a foreign newspaper, which was very interesting, but the end of the article contained a sentimental philosophy. The general content of the article is as follows: Abigail, a female editor of a newspaper column in America, received a letter signed as “the wife of a snorer”. She felt that the issues mentioned in the letter were universal to some extent, so she published this letter in her column with the title of “the wife of the snorer. Abigail asked readers to write and send their opinions after reading this letter in the editor’s notes. The full text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Abigail:

I didn’t get up at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, or I went to the ground angrily at 3 o’clock in the morning. I didn’t think there was a lawn mower mowing in my yard this time, I thought there was a big motorboat driving into the bedroom. Hey! I have endured it for 15 years! I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the day I got married. Whenever I couldn’t bear to roll up the blanket and decided to hide in another house to sleep alone, my husband complained with great grievance: “I said, my heart! Can’t you let me sleep with a pillow after begging for a wife!” I tried my best to persuade him hundreds of times and asked him to see a doctor, but he swore to God that he had never snored so badly. What made me more ridiculous was that he unexpectedly said that it was not him who snored after falling asleep, but me! Ah, Abigail, help me!

After the letter was published, the editorial department soon received thousands of emails, and many enthusiastic readers also sent the folk prescription to cure snoring. However, most of the letters pour out how they suffered from snoring with the same feeling, and most of the people who wrote such letters were women. The following are the summaries of some letters:

Dear editor:

You said we wanted everyone to talk about their own opinions on the issue of husband snoring, which was really great. I could write a book on this issue! I am not exaggerating to say so. For nine years, I have been living through my sleepless nights in this kind of snoring. It would be tolerable if my husband only snored, but he was simply screaming with his throat and eyes, moaning and laughing with horror, and with a snort, I stopped and took a long breath. After getting up at dawn, when I mentioned this to him, he was surprised to say that he couldn’t be like this at all. It must be my nightmare! For many years, I had to take time to sleep during the day!

A woman in California said in her letter:

If my husband snores with a constant tone and a single rhythm just like others, I am totally tolerable. But my “John cow” sometimes snores normally but suddenly there is no sound! I can’t get up for a long time. God knows if he can catch his breath! At such moments, I couldn’t help worrying myself. I raised my heart to my throat nervously. I didn’t know whether to find a doctor as soon as possible, I still went to invite the priest immediately to prepare for his final prayer.

In addition, some letters pour out the distress of being a wife like this:

My husband has been snoring for 14 years. The sound of his snoring can be said to be “earth-shaking”! I always try to stay away from him every night when I sleep, and try to shrink to one side of the bed to sleep. But he is a lovely husband! Soon he touched me and squeezed into my side. Then he hugged me tightly and snapped comfortably in my ear. The terrible snores almost shocked my ears! So I had to endure. After he fell asleep, I quietly got rid of his arms, jumped out of the bed and went around to the other side of the bed to sleep. However, soon he touched it again. In this way, I have to turn around the bed for about ten times every night! Until Dawn, I was already exhausted and dizzy.

My husband does not snore normally. It is a mixed sound from the nostrils, throat and eyes, between the teeth and the edge of the cheek. This was not enough. He continued to “brake” (suddenly stopped halfway when snoring), so he kept making noise until dawn. In the end, I couldn’t bear it any more. Finally, I took him to an ear-nose-throat specialist, hoping that the doctor could cure his problem. A woman complained in the letter. However, you can’t imagine how the expert answered me anyway. He said, “Dear Madam, listen to me. If I know there is any panacea to cure snoring, the first thing I need to take is me! I am snorer who is No. 1 in Tianzi. Every time my wife and I go on vacation, we sleep in two rooms with scores, and we have to separate a distance……” Look, this is the prescription given by the doctor!

When you read this, you will surely sigh with a deep sigh: “Even if ‘love is blind”, no wife will think that the voice of her husband is fantastic!” Wait a minute, you are wrong, you are totally wrong, dear reader! In thousands of letters sent to Abigail, there were also women who wrote like this:

My husband snores and plays quite “well”, but what’s the point! I also snore. He can stand my snoring. Why can’t I stand his snoring? Besides, I love him, so when I sleep listening to his snoring, I can sleep more sweet, more dependable and more stable, because……… At least, I can know where he spent the night!

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