You should let go when you wake up

If the person you love gives up you, please don’t be sad.
Some things will not belong to you no matter how much you like,
You are doomed to give up even if you miss something,
There are many kinds of love in life, but don’t let love become a kind of hurt.

Some fate is doomed to be lost,
Some fate will never have good results,
You don’t have to have to love someone,
But if you have a person, you must cherish it.
The man cried because he really loved it;
The woman cried because she really gave up.

If sincerity is a kind of harm, I choose lies;
If lies are a kind of harm, I choose silence;
If silence is a kind of harm, I choose to leave.

If losing is bitter, you are afraid of giving
If confusion is bitter, will you choose to end it?
If the pursuit is bitter, will you choose to be stubborn?
If separation is bitter, who do you want to confide,
I didn’t see many things until later,
A lot of things didn’t feel bitter at all at that time,
However, I can’t find the way to come.

There is a kind of love, which is obviously deep, but can’t be said.
There is a kind of love, obviously want to give up, but can’t give up.
There is a kind of love, knowing that it is suffering, but it cannot be opened.
There is a kind of love, knowing that there is no way forward, but the heart can not be received.

The moment I decided to give up you, I cried,
My tears prove that I am really love you.
We should never mention breaking up, okay?
Love you is not a game, love you is true.

I can not forget you,
Whether our solution is perfect or not,
Tick your finger and say that you will not break up.

What is courage?
Is it crying to ask you to love me, or crying to let you leave.
A man’s confidence comes from a woman’s admiration for him:
The arrogance of a woman comes from a man’s admiration for her.

Never cultivate the man you love,
You cultivated him so well that there were only two results:
From then on, he looked down upon you or he stole for others.

You don’t need to be too smart to pursue a person,
But the way to leave must be extremely clever!
Why don’t we always know how to cherish the people in front of us?
In the unpredictable reunion,
We thought we would meet again, and we would meet again,
I always thought I had a chance to say sorry,
But I never thought that every time I waved goodbye,
May be farewell,
A sigh,
It may be the last sigh in the world.

Maybe love is just because of loneliness,
I need to find someone to love,
Even though many people don’t need to see each other again, they just pass.
Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other.

I don’t know how many ten years a person can give to another person in his life.
Love can be a flash or a lifetime thing.
Everyone can fall in love with different people at different times.
It is not who leaves who cannot live, forgetting makes us strong.
A creature like human, after a careful look, turns out to be scarred.
Whether you are loved or not, everyone has different feelings.
We can’t afford the cost of recalling old dreams.

Happiness in the world always makes people look better.
I understand love because of smile.
Everything on my body seems to be casual, but it is my painstaking efforts to wish you happiness.
You said: why don’t you send me a pair of rain boots.
Why don’t you give me a spring rain.
Then even if I shed tears, it is not easy for you to see me in the rain. No ends.

The world actually comes at its proper time,
But we don’t have the appropriate mood to welcome it.
Because I love him, I leave him. I like this sentence.

Some feelings are so direct and cruel,
Can’t hold any circuitous warmth.
Leaving with a warm mood is better than the pale truth,
Pure things die too fast.

Emotion is understood as a kind of happiness,
Waiting to be understood is a kind of loneliness ~ ~

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