Be a smart woman

1. If a man starts to neglect you, please leave him. Men who don’t know how to cherish you don’t give up for it, let alone continue to give your tenderness and love.

2. At any time, don’t be sad for a negative man. Women should understand that being sad will eventually hurt their own heart. If that man is ruthless, you can’t hurt his heart even more. So, pack up your sadness and live a good life.

3. Never turn around the man you like endlessly. Even if you like him so much that he is going to die, you still have to learn to give him space, otherwise, you have to be careful to tie him too tightly.

4. When a man says to you: break up. Please don’t cry or cry. You should smile and say: you have been waiting for you for a long time. And turned left him.

5. Believe in yourself, treat yourself well, and make your life colorful. Don’t mistake it for making someone regret, but to make your life more wonderful.

6. Go out gracefully and calmly every day, and bring yourself different smiles.

7. Return a shallow smile to the man who appreciates you kindly.

8. Women should learn to maintain their skin after 25 years old.

9. Don’t smoke if you can. Don’t drink if you can.

10. Don’t go to the bar even if you are depressed. A lonely woman holding a goblet or smoking will add loneliness and sadness.

11. Don’t be greedy for vanity. Vanity is a dose of poison and addictive.

12. Wear high-heeled shoes, but don’t be too high.

13. There must be some sworn followers. When you are alone, make sure that there will be some sworn followers serving you tea and water. Instead of howling, why can’t the person who says he loves you come to accompany you.

14. Open your eyes and choose your future partner. If you choose the wrong one, separate immediately. Don’t make do with the day, it will hurt two people.

15. Don’t fight with men. First, you can’t touch him; Second, the man who fights with you must be a madman. Therefore, it is better not to move.

16. Travel outside. The soul in the journey can be more enriched.

17. Have the habit of drinking afternoon tea, reading books and listening to music.

18. Buy clothes and accessories suitable for yourself. What suits you is the best, so don’t envy others’ outfit.

19. Don’t accept any gifts from men you don’t like.

20. Love only one person at a time.

21. Know what you want, including the man you love.

22, ningquewulan. Don’t catch a man casually because of loneliness, which is unfair to you and him, and lacks a sense of responsibility.

23. Show kindness and care to pursuers you don’t like firmly say no and refuse. Even if he says, it’s none of your business.

24. Take your work seriously. Work may not be as good as love to make your heart beat, but at least it can ensure that you have food and a house to live in, and uncertain love can’t give these, so work hard.

25. Have at least five bags that can match clothes of different colors and styles, and more than five pairs of shoes (slippers are not included.)

26. Learn to make delicate and elegant makeup. Know what clothes appear on what occasion.

27. Don’t regret the good men you have missed. They don’t belong to you, so you have to open your eyes and find another one.

28. Don’t fall in love with a man who is married but still promises to marry you. If they really have no feelings, they will divorce naturally instead of saying something puzzling to you all day long.

29. It doesn’t matter if no one sends flowers on Valentine’s Day or birthday. You don’t have to buy a bunch for the flower shop to send. You can buy beautiful gifts from the money you spend to your mother and father.

30. Remember the birthday of the person you like, including your family, and of course, yourself.

31. You can love a man, but don’t compensate all of yourself. No man is worth your life to please. If you don’t love yourself, how can you let others love you?

32. Occasionally cook private dishes for beautiful women or old friends. But don’t do it every day. You are not born for someone to cook every day.

33. When you are in leisure time, you can cook flower tea or make tea to eat, play a piece of soft music, read a few pages of good books, and then sleep late. Hurry up.

34. It’s good to experience crazy things once, such as going over thousands of mountains and rivers to visit a person.

35. If you don’t have time and energy, don’t show your love and raise small animals. It is also cruel to neglect them, although I understand that you are lonely and need a companion.

36. Don’t learn to play mahjong. Don’t do things that torture your body and mind.

37. Sometimes I sing to myself. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad. I can sing to myself in a good mood.

38. Find good friends to chat, go shopping and eat when you are lonely. Don’t let loneliness drown yourself.

39. If you send a short message to someone you like, he will not reply. Don’t send.

40. In case the fragile one fails, please choose the person who cries, and don’t borrow your shoulders and chest casually.

41. Before going out, remember to look in the mirror and check whether the dress is coordinated. If the time is too tight, it is recommended to choose the clothes to wear the next day before going to bed.

42. No matter who you are dating, you must arrive before the appointed time.

43. In case you get drunk accidentally, don’t call anyone, including your best friend and him.

44. Go home early in the evening. You don’t have a car. You have to take a taxi or have someone to pick you up after 10 o’clock.

45. From now on, be smart. Don’t ask him if he wants you or not? Love or not love you? If he wants to miss you or love you, he will naturally tell you, but if he says it from your mouth, he will be very proud and don’t care about you.

46. Treat you and his love equally and fairly. Many boats will eventually turn over.

47. Go to the movies alone. I bought popcorn and cola, and laughed a lot. Or, tears. If you like sports and watch football, no one cares about you even if you cry to death, but it is very relaxed and carefree.

48. Don’t miss the same person 24 hours a day. I can give some to my family and friends.

49. If you like a person, tell him if allowed. Maybe you can’t get the answer, but at least you have tried hard, and you don’t have to regret in the future (maybe it’s the other person who regrets, hehe).

50. There are fixed recreational places, such as fixed cafes and bookstores. Let the waiter in that place know you, in this way, you will have a warm place when you are lonely.

51. If you decide to leave someone, you should act faster and cut the knot quickly; If you decide to fall in love with someone, the time will be longer to see if it is suitable for you.

52. Find someone to do color matching suggestions. Don’t look gray all day long, let yourself shine, don’t waste youth and beautiful figure.

53. Don’t torture yourself for anyone or anything. Such as not eating, crying, autism, depression, these are all things that fools do. Of course, it is necessary to be silly occasionally. Life does not have to be smart all the time.

54. If a man tells you that he likes you, trust him. If he says he no longer loves you, trust him. At any time, tell yourself that it is lucky for someone who doesn’t love you to leave.

55. Under any circumstances, the right and wrong of others are not mentioned behind. If you have to say something, put in a good word.

56. Buy comfortable pajamas for yourself. Sexy doesn’t matter at all.

57. Occasionally watching soap operas is allowed, but it cannot be relied on. Occasionally hair loss is allowed, but the occasion should be paid attention. It is allowed to scold dirty words occasionally, but only in front of old friends or alone. Remember to forget the pleasant sensation after saying it.

58. Love your hand, it is your second face, but not for this, you don’t need to share any housework.

59. Love parents, call once a week or take time to have dinner. (It should be in the first ten articles.)

60. There is no need to choose a destroy id or missing for someone. Both Love and no love will continue to live, and the end will be a good end. Why bother yourself?

61. Wear clothes with texture and find a boyfriend with quality. He may not be rich, but he must make you feel safe and happy.

62. There should be flowers in the living room, remember to change water. If you want to go on a business trip, don’t come back to face a room full of mosquitoes and insects after cleaning up.

63. When you are free, give yourself a favorite fragrance to fill the room. Pleasure.

64. Eat if you want. It is the stupidest beauty in the world to keep fit and make yourself hungry.

65. If possible, try to keep long hair. Short hair is indeed easier to manage, but it is always less feminine.

66. On a whim, you can help him wash clothes and buy socks, but don’t be sentimental to help him buy underwear. Let him wear whatever he likes.

67. If a man says it makes you embarrassed, forgive him. A forgiven man will finally regret losing a tolerant girlfriend like you.

68. There is a goal to be achieved within at least two years. A life with goals will not be too boring.

69. If you unfortunately encounter a man with more than one bed for your purpose, please smile first and then despise him: you are the dirtiest and most incompetent man I have ever met in my life. Then leave without turning back in the most beautiful way.

70. If a man doesn’t come to inquire about your illness, return your email, care about your current situation and can’t bear the burden of life with you on the grounds that he is busy, I can’t give you courage. Brave

A little, leave automatically. Nothing is more real than caring about yourself. However, for a person who doesn’t love you, no matter how much you pay and how good he is, it is just a waste of time and energy.

71. If a man who once liked you but now is married says to you: he can’t forget you, and you are always his favorite person. Please tell him calmly: Live like a man

. By doing so, you can not only keep calm, but also respect and care for another woman. This will make you more attractive.

72. Often exercise. It is good to be a quiet sister Lin, but health is more important.

73. Don’t eat without scruple on the road, which is not elegant. (Especially eating barbecue and other indecent behaviors)

74. Innocence and purity are very good. But innocence regardless of occasion will become idiotic behavior.

75. Be sure to have a few male friends who don’t have any expectations. They can hammer you with their chest as sandbags when you are wronged. You can also help him find out his girlfriend, and you can put it in the middle of the night.

He picked you up from the bed and picked you up far away. Of course, first of all, you must let his girlfriend or wife approve of you. T try.

76. Learn to bear pain. Some words are suitable to be rotten in the heart, some pain, and for silent forgetting. When you have experienced it, you will grow up and know it yourself. Many changes don’t need to be said by yourself, others will see them.

77. Prepare regular medicines at home. If you can’t judge the illness, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

78. Don’t wait for a man to buy a gift for you. If you want to treat yourself well, buy it yourself. It will be more comfortable to use.

79. Don’t try to live with revenge after a man leaves. That will only make your life a mess. The right way is to live better than before. And tell him: you live a good and happy life, let him not worry.

80. If you want to go shopping, remember to wear comfortable shoes. Being kind to yourself is shown in details.

81. If you have time, go to learn yoga or taekwondo. The former can relax your body and mind, while the latter can protect yourself.

82. Empty a drawer for snacks at home and office respectively.

83. Clean up the living room and body and mind at intervals. Give extra items to people in need, remember to clear them in time if you feel unhappy. Don’t let the busyness and depression of life kill the beautiful appearance.

84. There are no ugly women, only lazy women. Don’t want to spend time dressing up your own woman, please don’t be jealous and dissatisfied with other beautiful women.

85. Maintain due self-restraint in any occasion. Learn to say thank you, thank you for your hard work, sorry. If you do something wrong, you should know how to apologize and correct it.

86. For people who don’t want to associate with each other, don’t be invited to eat and drink coffee, even if it is only one yuan. If there is no follow-up development and hope of communication, it will waste other people’s money and feelings, which is called greed.

Figure pleasure. Women who are greedy for vanity will be looked down. If it is really because of the kindness introduced by friends, remember AA system.

87. Send back the gifts sent by people you don’t want to associate. This is matter of principle.

88. Have your own outlook on life and values. Problems can be tolerated and solved, but when it comes to principles, you must maintain your own principles. Losing principles will make you lose the purpose of life.

89. Avoid arguing with others as much as possible. An angry person is very horrible and will become a madman because he cannot control his emotions.

90. You can bargain to buy things, but if the other party accidentally finds more money from you, you have to return it. Don’t lose the meaning of being a human being because of being greedy for small things.

91. Public places are convenient for people, especially for the elderly. You will also grow old, so respecting the old is respecting your later years.

92. If there is no one to accompany, learn to listen to music, read books and write words alone. This is a good habit.

93. Do not smell in the oral cavity. Carry breath freshener and makeup items with you. Don’t really think plain face is a kind of beauty. After eating the gum, wrap it up with paper and discard the garbage

Barrels. Understand that spitting everywhere is uncivilized behavior, and strictly prohibit it.

94. The person you gave up before or the person who gave up you called you late at night and turned off the phone after hanging up. If he stays at the window, remember to tighten the curtain. Not that you are cruel, but any

After experiencing the pain, there will be cracks in the breakup, and no matter how well it is repaired, it cannot be restored. Let it pass.

95. Love the person who loves you. If only you love him, or only he loves you. Early separated. Women don’t need others to pretend to love, and you don’t need to pretend to love someone.

96. If you can, walk hand in hand with the one you love. Learn to enjoy the scenery by yourself before you can’t find it.

97. Say no to what you are reluctant to do. For example, at the banquet, it is your turn to drink, but you are not good, you can drink tea instead of drinking with hatred.

98. No matter who you have conflicts and awkward situations, the time to solve the problem should not exceed 24 hours. Otherwise, there will be more trouble. Apologize first within the acceptable range. Making yourself a bad person is not a real bad thing.

99. Believe in love at first sight, and believe that there will always be someone waiting for you quietly at the corner of time. You just need to polish your eyes and look carefully.

100. Be a wise woman. Learn to face life calmly. Facing life positively, life will be as you wish, just like tomorrow morning, the sun will still rise as time goes.

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