Orientation of the finger

Time has taken away a lot, including familiarity and warmth. I don’t know whether time brings me indifference or change in addition to layers of pain and intermittent cracks? Do people always become smooth after experiencing a lot? After having a lot, I forget my simple dream and persistence?

When the spirit is smoothed by the secular world, the joy is hollowed out little by little, and the tears in the eyes are familiar with the path flowing down, I think: Will all the love and hate feelings settle down with time? They will flow in the body along with the blood, become wisps of breath, enter and exit with each breath, become an inseparable part of the body, permeate in every movement, every word, as if the shadow follows… Maybe this is growth. Therefore, I told myself to learn to understand, to give myself some time to think hard, to know how to get out in time and to know how to take good care of myself.

I don’t know if you have ever tried lying in an empty room at in the middle of the night, watching the darkness devouring everything around you little by little, and finally feeling that even you were devoured. Full of heart, tearing pieces, full of tenderness to cry…… When the world is completely quiet, open your eyes, loneliness will pass through your eyes like floating clouds, separating the world from you. Close your eyes and hold your breath. In silence, you will hear your blood flowing in your body. The peace at that moment does not need any modification. Then, when the dust stops flying, ask yourself, what on earth do you want?

Thinking of many afternoons, sitting on the floor. There is warm sunshine outside the window, bright but not scorching, so warm that you want to make people sleep. The Sun changes its angle slightly, letting a kind of imaginary sorrow hit my heart from time to time. It doesn’t matter feeling or pain.

I have been used to hiding my rotten soul with a smile, and I am used to walking forward with my head down in the bustling crowd.

Overlapping sadness is spread in Life. I forgot the feeling of losing because I lacked too much, and had a bad life because I missed it.

Reality is very cruel. It made me pay a lot and asked me to inquire with a large bag of hope, but I always gave back the most disappointment to me. Later, I lost a lot of hope and began to learn how to wait. I looked forward to miracles so quietly. I felt that I didn’t do anything wrong. God would certainly love me, but in the end I was wrong. Sunshine will appear stronger after rain, I think so. However, light will not shine on every corner, so the people waiting in the corner seem a little unlucky. When waiting for it to stop working, I learned to refuse and avoid. In fact, I didn’t mean it. I just felt a little cold and wanted to hide from the wind.

Looking for a touch, in the sky of this city… Distant a song. Water-colored notes are popular… Unfortunately, I can’t hear clearly.

There are thin floating clouds in the sky. Walking in the crowded joint, walking bleary steps, staring at everyone beside him blankly, vaguely seeing transparent packages hanging above them-packages of dreams, they kept chasing dreams. Yes, in this city where no one is willing to stop, just to enjoy the rainbow above the head, many things will float to the sky like clouds if they are not pursued, and will not come back. After that, smile at yourself. Maybe I only have the most humble, purest and close to stupid mind, the most clumsy harm…

The dream finally gave me an apartment, which brought me hope and strength. Only then did I realize that there are always some incomplete regrets for every beautiful scenery in life. We all stood under the traffic lights, stopped occasionally, put down a lot of things missed, and then walked forward. People who pass by by, from familiar to Strange, from strange to familiar… They fell on my life path, and then left hurriedly without saying goodbye.

Hour quietly rotating… Left them. Finally, I heard the song clearly: “your shadow is everywhere/people’s heart is like a dust/falling in the past and drifting into the future/falling into the eyes and shedding tears”. Suddenly I found a cluster of sunny plants in the direction of my finger. Look, they put their heads to the sunshine, smiling.

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