A woman like me!

For a woman like me, for a man, I can endure a man’s feminization as long as he has wisdom. You can also endure a man’s sloppy, as long as he has courage. Even, a man is incompetent, as long as he has love that never lacks. However, if you are a worm without bones, cowardice, fear of death, no ability to solve problems, and unwilling to take responsibility, then please be careful, or don’t chase me, or get the bones back quickly. Otherwise, you will be insulted by yourself.

For a woman like me, the definition of man is both ancient and avant-garde, but it is not vague or greedy. He would not be so picky that he would not know what to do or be generous. I am the female shooter who came to the earth with a dragon knife to look for opponents, or he would be as arrogant as a rash man or as a wise criminal with careful thoughts. I want to have a try on everything, and I want to have a taste of all kinds of poison. I wish I could pass the addiction. Therefore, it is inevitable to commit any mistake. If you indulge yourself, you will have my share; If you get drunk, you won’t lose me; If you are a gambling king, you will count me as a game. People don’t waste their youth recklessly. When the time comes, I will find the only sword that depends on heaven. People who dare to act and act are usually the most discussed ones, because most people think that making mistakes is dazzling. If you can hide it, you will hide it. If you can drag it, you will never tell the truth.

For a woman like me, when love and bread are hard to be both, I will be the one who chooses love persistently and would rather give up bread. Therefore, I always admire myself for this point. Because of the pressure of reality, the dissuade of friends and the bitter lessons from the past, most people will retreat from Love at the threshold of choice. What is commendable is that I am still a small part, preferring to abandon bread and take the great lover of love. I am outgoing and active, paying attention to cultural cultivation, and at the same time I don’t forget to look around the world. I live in real life, but my thoughts often fly to the distant past and the bright future. The agile thoughts are jumping here and there for a while, which makes people feel that I am close in front of me and at the edge of the sky; It makes people feel that they are like-minded and incompatible with me. I am a person whose thoughts need to be calm. Sagittarius, I am full of enthusiasm and passion for life. I never care about personal gains and losses, and I like to devote myself to many things at the same time. I am a person who was extremely afraid of trouble, and he was neither willing to explain nor to defend himself. For the misunderstanding of others, the only self-defense was — silence!

When a woman like me encounters troublesome people and things, I will turn around and run as far as I can! This has nothing to do with courage, but why do you just fight back!! A woman like me doesn’t like to force others or to force herself. Why bother abusing herself!! It happened that I was also a very kind person, unable to see others’ suffering or tears, so I was doomed to be hurt because of my kindness!! A woman like me is never afraid of being blamed by others. I only do what I think is right or deserved, but I don’t want to hurt the innocent, and I would rather hurt myself than others!! Even if a woman like me has already been ridged with holes in her heart, her surface is still as calm as water. Why do she crawl in front of people!! A woman like me doesn’t want to cry in front of others. She is willing to cry alone after turning around. Why should she be pitied!! A woman like me is proud and contradictory. She doesn’t want to lower her head for undeserved people and things. Why bother despising herself!! For a woman like me, the most fearful thing is the gossip behind me. Who can say that I have been for a thousand years, then it is called happiness! Who can’t say behind?! I call it jealousy, because I am excellent and others can’t reach me. Say it!! Even the spiritual victory method of Ah Q!! A woman like me would make a little mess occasionally. However, it was just for a little joke, which had nothing to do with elegance! A woman like me makes people happy and worried!! A woman like me loves me far away and has a headache in front of me!! Haha!! A woman like me is as quiet as a virgin, I am cute and hateful!! A woman like me will accidentally become the imaginary enemy of a married or unmarried woman. If she wants to be a fox, it is a pity that she is not cultivated enough, so she has to give up!!

A woman like me is both lovable and hateful. Let him go!

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