I’m not miss you

I’m not miss you

我不是很想你I only think of you when I reach a certain intersection; I only think of you when I watch the disc and see half of it; I just think of you when I hear the song. I really don’t miss you, I just think of you when I don’t want to miss you.

This is really good. I don’t miss you very much. I don’t think of going crazy. I just miss you until my eyes are wet.

I went to sleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I was reading boring magazines in bed. When I was reading books, I thought of you. I couldn’t fall asleep. I shook my head to drive away your shadow, but it was printed on the magazine, so I threw it away. I turned off the light, your appearance was so clear in the dark, so I turned on the light again. I turned on the computer, where we said no more than a few words, but those words squeezed into my mind, so I turned off the computer again.

I don’t miss you very much. I just miss you when I can’t fall asleep. I just don’t know whether I can’t fall asleep and miss you, or whether I can’t fall asleep.

I don’t miss you very much. Before I start, I forget it. My eyebrows frown and my head slightly. Whether it is prediction or choice, my logic is not so Mathematical. It gets involved in your sight and not in your choice. But prediction, they say that the best version is Andersen’s fairy tales. Live this happy life from now on. At the seaside, the water is so blue, like the most beautiful cornflower petals, so clear, like the brightest fragments, so deep, so deep that any anchor chain can not reach the heart. In the middle of the night, I only heard the mermaid’s silent sigh.

I didn’t miss you very much. Even if I missed you, I didn’t reach a deep level. We left nothing in front of time. Time is wasted like this. I don’t feel distressed. They become blank when I don’t want you. I feel happier when I miss you. Memories are repeating mechanically, and loneliness will always be stronger. I have less and less time to miss you.

I don’t miss you very much. I just think of you when I am happy and when I am unhappy. People who give me memories will not be cheated by memories, and people in memories will not be cheated. The balance in the lover’s heart is as tiny as hair. You smile, my weather is sunny, you are silent, and my heart is gray. I capture any of your eyes and judge whether you are still as enthusiastic as before. I collect your messages to measure whether you are still as sentimental as before, dear, I was doing these boring and interesting things, counting them one by one in the room with bare feet in empty pajamas, and then waiting for the answer to tell me that I could stop these things one day. I know all your changes. I look so indifferent and indifferent in front of you. That is the thin and fragile shell of mollusks.

I don’t miss you very much, I miss you, but I just miss you without disturbing you!

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