There is a kind of single called “better lack than abuse”

Friend, I don’t know if you will feel this way?

Want to fall in love, want to stop being lonely,

But when love comes, you just want to escape.

Sometimes when I calm down, I will feel that my persistence is ridiculous. Why not fall in love?

Why do you want to be single?

Is it because I fell in love with loneliness?

In fact, it is not because there is a single person called “better be absent than abuse”.

People who prefer to be absent rather than abuse are very dedicated and persistent to love. They have their own unique thoughts and can stick to themselves;

People who prefer to be absent rather than abuse, they just want to find someone who can make themselves sensitive in the vast sea of people. They can make themselves lonely and make themselves lonely, but they can’t let themselves fall in love with others casually;

People who prefer to be absent rather than abuse are the ones who are most likely to believe that they feel that they believe in fate. Even if it is a small coincidence, they will simply associate with fate;

People who prefer not to abuse will not fall in love easily, but once they have a favorable impression on someone, they will persevere and set their hearts, and they will never show their hearts;

People who prefer to be absent rather than abuse have some requirements, and they also have expectations for their partners in their hearts, hoping that the encounter with each other will be a romantic and beautiful encounter;

People who prefer to be absent from abuse will have their own friends of the opposite sex, but they will definitely set the bottom line for each other in their contacts and will not easily cross them;

People who prefer to be absent rather than abuse respect marriage and feelings. They will not start at random, but they will naturally regard each other as the object of marriage in their hearts when they really associate with others, love because of marriage, they are the people who cherish life.

People who prefer not to abuse will not get married because of marriage, even if there are many pressures around.

Some friends said that it is no longer popular in today’s society that people should rather be abused than abused. Thinking about it, how can they know whether it is suitable or not without process? There is no result?

Can you let yourself grow up little by little and time go by little?

But when they meet someone who makes them not good, maybe they will have a short stay with each other because of politeness, but it will never last long. They respect their own feelings as well as others’ feelings, they will not waste each other’s time. Maybe some people will only be in love for a few months, and then start a new relationship soon, because they love each other, they just want to find a mate of the opposite sex to accompany themselves to get rid of loneliness. Therefore, they will not feel any sadness when they end a period of love, because they have never used love, to be exact, they have never used deep feelings. They will have a good impression on all the opposite sex and will not be persistent. They will be smarter and more realistic than those who prefer to be absent from abuse, I will also protect myself in love,

They will choose rational treatment in love.

And ningquewulan not the person,

Others can never associate them with flower hearts,

They will maintain a long relationship,

And at the end, they will be sad, painful, sad,

Because they have paid,

And their ending is generally separated because they are really unsuitable,

They hope every love of themselves is their unforgettable memories,

I will be more persistent and waiting because I want to find a true love, even if it takes my whole life.

They are emotional animals,

Like thought,

Like to explore life,

They will be full of curiosity and fantasy about their future life,

They are innocent and melodramatic people, sincere and kind people.

God will test their determination and endurance,

When they spend it, they will gain true love.

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