Happiness is not about having more, but about less.

Happiness is not about having more, but about less.

Many people lose the happiness of life because of too much greed.

Life is like water. We must learn to adapt to the environment like water flows.

Life needs to get something and give up something, just like a sculpture

Only by removing the redundant parts can it be carved into a beautiful sculpture.

All people desire happiness and pursue happiness

However, people often ignore that happiness is actually just a little bit of feelings in their hearts, passing us by inadvertently.

Know how to do one thing, called growth

Knowing whether to do one thing or not is called maturity

Remember what should be remembered forget what should be forgotten change can change accept not change

Tired, have a good rest, wrong, don’t blame yourself for suffering, it is the ladder of happiness

Hurt, know what is cherish drunk, just torture yourself to laugh, easy to work will forget to cry

We may not be beautiful, but we are healthy;

We may not be great, but we are solemn;

We may not be perfect, but we work hard;

We can not last forever, but we are sincere……

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