The road is over, it’s time to turn

The road is over, it’s time to turn

路已尽头,该转弯了Today, I saw an article written by a girl in the newspaper, which impressed me deeply. Because of the failure of her first love and the pain of losing love, she had the idea of suicide, at the moment when she wanted to commit suicide, she saw a short poem on the bus. The content of the poem was like this: “It’s not the end of the road, but the turn! 』 And let her abandon the idea of suicide.

In the end, she wrote: in my sophomore year, I was disturbed by an uninvited guest and saved by another uninvited guest casually. There are always setbacks in life, which are not the end, but just reminding you that it is time to turn.

『 It’s not the end of the road, but the turn! 』 This sentence is actually very interesting!

When you encounter something that cannot be solved, or even has affected your life and mood, why not stop and think about whether there is room to change the market temporarily, perhaps in another way, things will be simpler if you change the way. However, usually at that moment, we don’t have time to think of these. We are just standing still and circling around, making ourselves trapped in the abyss of pain all the time. There are always setbacks in life, that’s not the end, just reminding you: it’s time to turn!

Letting go doesn’t mean admitting failure. Letting go is just finding a better way for yourself!

In a training, the trainer asked the students, “Who of you ever thought about suicide”. After a while, several students looked at the teacher doubtfully and raised their hands. The teacher said to them, “You are the bravest, because you have defeated death!”

After reading it, I recalled the question: “Should we persist or give up? When should I be persistent? When should I give up?”

In fact, giving up does not mean giving up. It just needs to be solved in another way. Corner!

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